My garden souvenirs


A garden has to feel effortless. That is what Amanda Brooks said about Anna Wintour’s garden in an interview for T Magazine. We agree and we also think that gardens have  a certain nostalgia about them, especially when seasons change and we are saying goodbye to summer in a few weeks . No reason to be too sad, though. We selected some things that will cheer you up and will get you through autumn and winter until the blossoms will bloom again.

FORNASETTI scented candle
The “Giardino Segreto” collection scent is inspired by a dreamlike representation of a perfect Italian secret garden, blooming with herbs and foliage, hidden treasures and ‘mystical’ creatures. The design combines existing motifs from the Fornasetti archives: green leaves, ruined walls, Romanesque details and a most intriguing snake making its way across the decorative object, we almost think of the garden Eden or Gucci 😉

This beautiful book by the the team behind the popular “Wilder Quarterly” gives readers ideas for interacting with the great outdoors which is so important in our technology-driven world. Learn to plant a blooming garden, build an outdoor shelter, make dry shampoo, identify insects, cultivate butterflies in a backyard, or tint your clothes with natural dyes. This is  a modern-day “Whole Earth Catalog” and a perfect guide of DIYs. A must-read on gardening, cooking, health and beauty, and wilderness, and with photos and illustrations evocative of the great outdoors. Get in touch with nature – it’s the best.

This beautifully decorated flacon by the Russian artist Sasha Solodukho contains pure perfume of exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, vanilla orchid and blooming jasmine, which has been created by the perfumers Christophe Laudamiel and Jerome Epinette. Not only does it look pretty in your bathroom but it also reminds you of spring and summer all year round.

EVERGREEN by Gestalten Verlag
Evergreen inspires all garden lovers. A guide to your personal garden with straightforward plans and examples illustrates how to transform unused spaces, both indoors and out, into flourishing and functional green paradises. Which plant lives best in a damp bathroom or in a radiator-heated living room? Portraits of both professional and hobbyist plant lovers provide an engaging guide to productively getting a green thumb. From farmers and florists to shop owners and activists, let a cast of characters guide you in making and maintaining a green utopia of your own.

Yes, summer is over but you can still wear your beach kaftans and bathing robes as a blouse or dress, either when feeling cosy as loungewear or with a t-shirt underneath. Nevertheless I always keep them in my wardrobe all year round; they make me feel good just looking at them.

LANDEAU Flower Service
Landeau is about simplicity and beauty. Receive the most beautiful scented roses and a simple, elegant white box. Voilà, the perfect present for your friends and yourself.

LILLY & ROSES, Flower Delivery Service
This Berlin-based company brings you the nicest flowers each season right onto your doorstep. Every Tuesday and Thursday they get a fresh delivery and we order our flowers for the office.

Add some cosiness to your balcony and use an outdoor carpet on your floor. It will add some colour and will transform your terrace into a second living room, even through the winter months.