Take a moment to sketch

VIGNETTE-BACK-TO-WORK (1)From now until the beginning of October IRMA wants to make it easy for you to come back to work. We would like to show you all the things that make life easier and prettier.


Ladies, it’s back to work and this time don’t you worry, we have the nicest things for you at hand to make this moment easy and fun.

Today IRMA tests the new HUAWEI MediaPad M2 and let me tell you that you should add that to your daily routine of getting all you creative ideas, pictures, inspirations and so on together. Whether you are on your way to work or just taking a rest, did you know that being creative at least once a day makes you super happy? You don’t need artistic skills to use your HUAWEI MediaPad M2. Let IRMA show what else you can do with it….

2. Visual Post HUAWEI1. Scribble your shopping list and use the MediaPad as your sketchbook.

2. You had a dream last night. Why not write it down or make a sketch/drawing?
 Use your MediaPad as a personal diary.

3. Your favourite photos can even do a little better and you can use several tools to adjust, enhance or add several shades, colours etc. Believe me, it’s fun and makes great Christmas cards when printed out.

4. You do not want to take all your drawing equipment with you on vacation? Not only if you are an artist or illustrator, sketching makes you happy, and why not take all your art supplies with you in only one tiny gadget?

5. Are you a globetrotter or frequent business traveller? There is always space for your
HUAWEI MediaPad M2. Use it whenever you have a spare moment, it kills time, gives you wings and makes you proud.