Mira’s Muse Guide


MUNICH: I meet Miroslava Duma at the DLD women conference today. She looks impeccably chic in her green Lanvin shimmering trench coat, high heel sandals and her mini Kelly bag in classic black. The former fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia has a growing number of followers and business ideas like her webpage Büro24/7 and has established herself as a powerful brand in the fashion world.

What is your webpage www.buro247.com all about?
Büro is a muse guide. We are an internet and consultant company. Licensed in different countries, recently in the Emirates and Kazachstan and providing the latest information about fashion and lifestyle 7 days a week. We have updates 35 times a day.

How did the idea get started?
It all began when I was still an editor at Harper’s Bazaar Russia and I visited all the fashion shows. People started to notice me, they say for my style, but I think it had also something to do that we were five bright and different friends from Russia, getting noticed together at the shows. All of them do an amazing job, have a family and work very hard to build their business. We defined that as a trend. Through our work and spirit, not only by the clothes we are wearing.

Your style is rather modest and elegant, not overly exaggerated and loud. Why did you get photographed so many times?
I guess because I just got it right at the right time. I would describe my style as a strong, personal image. I like women who have certain elegance like Nancy Reagan and Jacqueline Kennedy.

You are actually making a lot of money from social media. How does it work?
In the beginning the high-end companies did not believe in social media, they preferred print and we had to proof that internet is also as valuable as print, even better. Once we built the website, we licensed the concept to other countries and that is how we make money. On top we consult and sell advertisement through the webpage.

You were one of the fashion bloggers who started early to professionalize their brand, themselves.
Yes, we needed numbers as proof, so that the marketing executives from the high-end luxury companies could make decisions whether to invest in our social media.

How personal are you in your social media?
The social media are a platform where I promote my brand and not my personal life. I use the SM 99% for work. Often the journalists ask me, how much time do you spend posting a day and I have to say most of the times 5 minutes. Well, how much personal life can you show in only 5 minutes if the day has so many more hours?

Thank you, Mira!