Meet three health specialists and feel awesome

COLLAGE Health specialists

Bad Ragaz: It’s all about time. We have not much when we live, work and play in the fast lane of life and we don’t have the patience to let things happen slowly and to get results in the long run. This is the reason why I came to the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz to slow down, reset my mind and find a slower gear.
I met the three specialists which make this place worth visiting. Dr. Christain Hoppe, who is the head of the medical department; Martina Kindler, a physical trainer who worked with leading athletes from around the world; and Sonja Ricke, who is a well known nutritionist in Switzerland and works between Zurich and Bad Ragaz.

All three of them had some very good advice, and to summarize the most important points I made a list for you which might be useful wherever you are. If you have the chance to visit Bad Ragaz, make it happen. The countryside is beautiful and the thermal water is not only healing but has all the good energy which you need to live a healthy life.


  1. Bring time and rely on one medical theory, follow this theory and get the best results. Do not jump from one health care consultant to another. DR. CHRISTIAN HOPPE
  2. Training is all about balance. See where you have too much muscle structure and take it away to build it where you need or want it more. Start to understand how your body works and develop a personal sensibility. That way you can get faster, more precise results. MARTINA KINDLER
  3. What is normal? Start to think about what sort of food is really good for you. The more regulated your eating habits are throughout life, the easier will you achieve health and a perfect silhouette. SONJA RICKE
  4. Ask yourself which state you want to achieve. Once you got all set by the right nutrition, movement and good status of health it will be enough work to hold on to it for the rest of your life. Start now. DR. CHRISTIAN HOPPE
  5. In order to get your metabolism working, do intervals of high performance active sport and relaxation of the muscles. You will get better results. Too much is not always good. Reset your concept of balance. MARTINA KINDLER
  6. Most people actually drink too much water (30 milliliters per kilo is enough). Think about how overloaded your kidneys get and the work they have to perform. You want to be kind to your organs, so feed them with high value nutrition and take care of them in the long term. SONJA RICKE
  7. Detox is a big trend at the moment. But is it also really good for you? We look at the four organs which are responsible for detoxification of your body: skin, kidneys, liver and the bowel system. Do all four organs work very well? Then you can do the right detox therapy which is personalized and customized to your needs. Otherwise heal and nourish them first before you start with detoxification. DR. CHRISTIAN HOPPE
  8. After working out, give your muscles a massage with a medical ball or tennis ball by rolling your legs against it while lying on a wooden floor. It loosens up the tissue and fascias and that way they also get more oxygen. MARTINA KINDLER
  9. I am a big fan of the food pyramid, it includes all nutrients which a human body needs. Food trends like raw and vegan cuisine are in my opinion very risky to use for a long time and not always made for our human body to consume. You have to know a lot about vegan cuisine in order to find the right food combinations which give you enough protein. For example corn and lentils make a perfect mix. Think about the ancient Mayas who put a bean spread on top of their tortillas. SONJA RICKE