Match your look to Milan’s fashionable places

Next time you are traveling to Milan, make sure to pack a few things that will match the mood, flair or walls of the places you visit. Of course you will choose a restaurant by the food and atmosphere and if you do not know what to wear, just be inspired by the interior. We love both at IW, Fashion and Interior

Our guest editor, Daniela Agnelli, was out about town during Fashion Week and IRMA did some sketching while watching the shows. Today she will open her sketchbook and share her favourite places in her home town. You must definitely visit text time you are in Milan.


I love the spaghetti with tomato sauce, a classic, and sometimes I just go for a quick bite and stay in front of the restaurant. The decor is beautiful and dreamy, from another time and during Fashion Week you have an international crowd — a great place to go and see.
Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 6, 20129 Milan

Set a contrast and go minamalist in a traditional space. JIL SANDER’s yellow flaw dress seems the perfect hue to make an appearance when going for dinner at Giacomo’s.



This traditional tea room and café is a perfect place to take a break during a busy fashion week schedule. Sit in the comfortable chairs, order a Darjeeling tea and calm down. The all green interior will make that easy as green is a calming colour. We love the Amor Polenta breakfast cake. You can choose between ten different kinds of brioche and buy beautifully wrapped chocolate as presents to bring home.
Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 11/a, 20123 Milan

PRADA knows how to make you feel comfortable. You will find a cosy cardigan in every one of Miuccia’s collections.


A greek restaurant in Milan? Why not, especially when it is not the typical Greek tavern you might be thinking of. The red interior walls with the deep green velvet benches and the modern mid-century design make a perfect place to escape for a few hours. The food is deliciously created by the owner Vasiliki Pierrakea. No surprise that the restaurant celebrated its opening during Design Week.
Via Clusone, 6, 20135 Milan

TOD’s makes super effortless pants and jacket looks in one matching colour that make a nice instagram moment when taking pictures in front of the restaurant’s red walls.


Gucci’s new headquarters in Milan just opened for Milan Fashion Week which ended yesterday. It took more than three years of renovations, 35,000 square meters inside the former Caproni aeronautical factory, on via Mecenate, which was built in 1915 in one of the city’s historic areas. The new office, re-baptized “Gucci Hub,” is the result of the meticulous restoration of the original structure built by Piuarch, the famous Milan-based architecture firm. The new headquarter brings together all the brand’s Milan offices, showrooms, the runway space, and the design and photo studios, all under one roof that will host more than 250 people.
Via Mecenate, 20138 Milan

The extra huge GUCCI straw hat would make quite an appearance, even when entering home territory.



Imagine cloud nine, somewhere up in the blue sky. This is how it looks at the Boscolo Milano, designed by architect Simone Micheli: Six hundred square metres at the service of guests, featuring a waterfall, sauna, hammam, flotation tank and 6 beauty rooms for original wellness treatments. Everything has been meticulously designed to create harmony between guests and their surroundings, just like the 15-metre screen alternating a mix of images and sounds, inviting relaxation; Ergonomics and aesthetics combine to create calmness and serenity, implicating all the senses. What else do you need?
Corso Matteotti, 4/6, 20121 Milan

Wear your latest deep blue MARNI coat on the way.