March beauty edit

Is there anything more to wish for in March than the first warm rays of sunshine and perhaps a spring break on the beach? To help you get ready, here is our beauty edit with pomegranate for breakfast, a first-of-its-kind skincare product launched by Madame magazine, and Hermès’ Mineral Face Powder called ATLAS to give you a glow like a day in the desert.

We caught up with Nicola Vidic, Beauty & Health Director at MADAME. The magazine has launched its first skincare product, a serum.

IRMA: Why a serum?
NICOLA VIDIC: A serum can deliver a high concentration of active ingredients to the skin, penetrate deeper than a cream and target specific skin problems such as dryness and lack of firmness. Exactly what demanding skin in its mid-40s needs.

IRMA: What are the key ingredients that make the new MADAME serum work?
NICOLA VIDIC: Before, during and after menopause, hormonal changes can cause collagen breakdown, dryness, loss of contour, wrinkles and a dull complexion. Ten different hyaluronic acid molecules and isoflavones from red clover counteract this, providing intensive hydration, firmness and radiance.

IRMA: Give us a tip on how to use this serum on the go.
NICOLA VIDIC: Especially when travelling by plane, the serum helps to counteract the drying effects of the cabin air. You can also reapply it as needed while travelling to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


COEUR DE BEAUTE Exfoliating Mask
A creamy exfoliating mask that is gentle on the skin and deep cleansing twice a week. Contains CBD Gold Oil, Green Tea Active Coal. I prefer to use it on dry skin for an extra smoothing effect and remove with a linen cloth for an extra exfoliation.

KORRES Crème Faciale de nuit repulpante
Apply extra thickly like a night mask to moisturise the skin overnight and improve its elasticity. Black pine extract, rich in polyphenols, improves the skin’s appearance and strengthens facial contours.


The best skincare routine is one made up of natural products.
Pomegranate has several benefits for the skin. The seeds can be crushed and added to a washcloth to make a soothing scrub. This method also helps with acne-prone or oily skin, and can also be used as a toner by simply using the juice diluted in thermal water, as it contains high levels of pigmentation. Pomegranate can also be used in skin whitening serums to help maintain a plumper complexion and a natural glow. Pomegranate for skin glow works wonders if you have dark spots and discolouration, use it in concentrated form on your skin and follow with a rose toner, such as Dr Hauschka.

HERMÈS, Plein Air, for a mattifying powder & brush
A mattifying powder for all skin tones with soft-focus ingredients for a beautiful glow. Use on top of your tinted day cream for a matte finish, or simply on top of your skin to get a smoothing effect and leave your skin looking fresh as if you have just come from a long walk in the woods. Designed by Pierre Hardy, the rechargeable case makes a lovely addition to your handbag when travelling.

HERMÈS PLEIN AIR Mineral Powder H Trio Atlas
Inspired by the three natural elements – air, sun and earth – the H Trio Atlas Mineral Powder gives a radiant complexion and leaves the skin looking toned, with a natural, warm glow. The skin is revitalised and shines in a new light, looking lightly tanned, radiantly beautiful and full of sunny energy.