L’Occitane has all the light and scent of a sunny day

Aren’t we all longing for sunshine? At this time of the year our skin and mind crave light and everything associated with the sun. We think back to our childhood and remember the smell of bee honey, vanilla ice cream and jasmine blossoms.

At L’Occitane we found light, sun and a mixture of different scented notes like the freshness of lavender and the warmth of almond and honey, just to name a few. Exactly these contrasting ingredients make the latest L’Occitane perfume, Terre de Lumière, so authentic.

What we like most is the quality of each ingredient which is all natural and combined in one scent – the scent of the golden hour in Provence. When you spray the perfume on your skin you feel like you just walked through a Provencal garden during sunset.

Before painting this illustration for Terre de Lumière, I looked at so many artists who lived and worked in La Provence. Van Gogh might have been the most famous one and when mentioning his yellow sunflowers, everybody envisions his vibrant yellow hues. But it is not only yellow, it is red, orange and blue and purple lavender reflecting from the fields.
Mark Rothko’s painting White and Greens in Blue most captures the light mood and feel for me and there is no other deep blue than the one you get from the lavender fields themselves.

Follow IRMA’s tips on how to use the new Terre de Lumière Collection and its magical scent in all different kinds of ways.

  • If you can’t get enough of this warm embracing scented perfume and want to intensify the feeling of the golden hour on your skin, use the gentle shower gel. Turn the gel into a mousse by massaging it deeply into the skin tissue, use it almost like a massage oil and rinse with ice cold water to close skin pores. Afterwards, finish with the Beautifying Body Lotion.
  • Add three drops of almond oil to the body lotion twice a week, and massage your legs when you wear a skirt to make them look freshly tanned, as its gentle and iridescent formula leaves behind a shimmery veil next to the warmth of Terre de Lumière. So not only do you feel kissed by the sun, everyone else can smell it, too, and sees it as you walk on by.
  • Not new but sometimes forgotten: spray the perfume on linen tissues and place them in between your bedlinen, clothes and lingerie – soon your favorite scent will become part of you.
  • Make your own mask by taking one tablespoon of fresh Provencal honey and mix it into your Terre de Lumière body lotion. Put it on your arms and décolleté and rinse off with warm water after 10 minutes for a satin matte finish.
  • Imagine and visualize each ingredient when putting on Terre de Lumière in the morning. Bergamot, pink pepper, Acacia flower, white musk and lavender honey are only a few. Envision these valuable ingredients harvested in La Provence and feel their strength and power coming through your skin. It will also strengthen your mind and willpower.
  • You can also envision the sunset, the golden hour. That is why I like to refresh at night with Terre de Lumière before going out. The warming ingredients such as Tonka bean and vanilla refuel your body and mind if you are going out again.
  • If you are going to meet new people then, the first impression is our handshake. Our hands are our most precious tools and while shaking hands they tell a story about us. So pamper your hands with the Radiant Balm for Hands & Body and let the scents of sunlight embrace your counterpart to create the warm start for a sparkling conversation.
L’Occitane’s new Terre de Lumière Collection captures the scent of the golden hour in Provence.