Food trends made for the food lover


2017 will be filled with news when it comes to enjoying food and what we will be eating. In addition to the trend of smoked food, Filipino cuisine and a rebirth on French food you will probably hear a lot more about…

Feastly is a growing community of diners and chefs who want more from dining. Feasters seek authentic food, served around big communal tables with people who share the same passion, like chefs, home cooks and even fellow diners, who come together to share a great meal. The main idea is to use the concept of the dinner table as an original social network place. The app connects you with people who share that same passion and do not want to enjoy food alone or with their iPhones in their hands while eating. You may soon find yourself dining in a home you’ve never visited before, surrounded by a table of perfect strangers who have one thing in common — the love for authentic cuisine.

Tune up your shake, smoothie or muesli with the purest and most efficient powders. These days AERIN, THE SUPER ELEXIR is that kind of feel-good, all-natural multivitamin, packaged in a pretty jar from health-conscious Aerin Lauder. Alkalizing greens in the form of powder are free from synthetic ingredients and are made by using premium, cold-pressed bio-live ingredients so the body can easily recognize and use every nutrient. 45 premium wholefood ingredients are packaged in a golden container which looks like the finest beauty product on your kitchen shelve. Evidently, considering who it is coming from.

SKINNY LEMON by Jenna’s Food & Drink is one of the latest ranges called skinny drinks. Who says that sodas are unhealthy? Skinny Drinks are all-natural, low-calorie mixers you can pour with vodka, tequila or gin to create a healthier version of your favourite cocktail, or simply enjoy on their own as a diet soda alternative. It is sweetened it with stevia, a natural ingredient that doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and it contains carbonated water and Sicilian lemon juice (not from concentrate).

Running a restaurant is a complicated and costly endeavor and more and more people like to stay at home to enjoy good food. The solution: A delivery-only food service. That’s the latest big idea from New York’s Momofuku founder David Chang, one of the most influential chefs working today. His latest project is  called Ando — actually a kitchen that delivers the finest food right to your doorstep when you live in New York (but probably soon in all major cities around the world).

Superfoods will be used more and more when it comes to cooking. We want to fuel our body only with the best for less inflammation, more anti-aging care and a longer, healthier performance all day long. This year you will probably hear a lot about Sorghum, egg yolk, spirulina, cannabis (which is now legal in many places) and teff. Jujube, also known as Chinese or Korean date, will be your number one Vitamin C fruit. This fruit has the flavour of an apple and seven times more Vitamin C than blueberries. It improves your skin complexion, relieves stress and helps against insomnia. You can eat it raw or dried in a tea.

We will eat a lot of purple this coming year as scientists have discovered that purple fruits and vegetables like purple broccoli, kale, cauliflower, potatoes and carrots can help prevent diseases. They are rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins, which are pigments and associated flavonoids that offer disease-fighting properties while soothing inflammation and boosting the immune system. Anthocyanins also improve brain function. Purple also makes a pretty change on every foodie’s plate. And remember: The darker the color, the higher the antioxidant level.