Let’s go to a resort


Top by Gucci, glasses by Dries van Noten, Gucci ring, Yves Saint Laurent bag and Illustration made by Irma.
On the slider, from left to right: Shades by Dries van Noten, bag by Saint Laurent, bag by Chloe

NORTH ISLAND: If you feel like escaping grey skies and wet, cold weather, join us for our winter escape into the sun. Since there is no snow in the mountains and cities are more or less in grey hues these days, we are longing for colour, light and of course to already wear our favourite pieces of resort fashion. Pack your bag with some books to read and a few key items to leave town before Christmas.
We made things easier for you and selected IRMA’s favourite resort pieces, which you can shop online today, or when you are already in the sun and feel like something is missing.

One of our favourite destinations for now is North Island in the Seychelles and we tell you about the five things IRMA will do next week:

  1. Watching the turtles, with a little luck laying eggs or hatching. Together with the environmental team of North Island, I expect to learn quite a few things about the environment.
  2. Scuba diving and snorkeling in the turquoise Indian Ocean with its coral reefs and colorful marine life in between long hours of reading books under the palm trees in the shade.
  3. Taking long walks along the Grande Anse beaches, watching the sun set followed by cocktails and a barbecue at the Sunset Bar.
  4. Complete relaxation in the spa area of North Island or in the private pool of the villa overlooking the ocean while getting a massage.
  5. Kayaking around the island, island hopping tours or sunset cruises in case I  feel like seeing something else.

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