Let your favorite hotel be your interior inspiration

We are in the middle of the holiday season and we want you to have a close look at the interior. “Let you eye travel,” is what Diane Freeland always said and take advantage of what you see. IRMA selected three different hotels which give you some excellent ideas for your own interior at home when you come back from your vacation. Start decorating and extend your vacation mode.


In the middle of busy St. Germain we found this exquisite, new little jewel which looks from the  outside as if a nursery might be in the backyard. Their green hands make the lushness of plants and flowers dominant wherever you go in the hotel. They even provide pretty bikes that look like taking a ride in the French countryside. The rooms have a nice mix of colours, typical Parisian in darker shades and broken with vibrant details that make each room individual.

The flower bouquets and placement is definitely something you should look at. They put flower pots on shelves and everywhere and we like the idea of plants bringing some liveliness into the heart of St. Germain.


This newly opened boutique hotel near the Duomo is full of fun ideas. A mix and match that at first sight gives you the electric goosebumps when entering one of their individually decorated rooms or their art and objets trouvé entrance lobby. You feel surprised how all the varying textures, patterns and colours blend together to form a beautiful unity.

IRMA likes especially how they place their art and light and how they play with different textures.


Feel like you are actually moving into your own home when arriving in Rome at the JK Place. That is the philosophy of that hotel brand where a chic continental traveller instantly feels comfortable.

We like the grey classic Italian marble in the bathroom and the fine Italian bed linen which we would love to take back home with us. This place is full of decorating wall ideas, simple and elegant with shiny and matte textures or ornamental with golden details. The colour of IRMA’s room was a mix of cappuccino tones and personal accessories like flowers, and the art books on the table matched the room’s décor.

IRMA asked the concierge for the address of their bed linen provider and went shopping straight away. Also the idea of using trims around cushions and headboard on the bed came to her mind. You can find pretty ones almost everywhere.