Calatrava, the manifold influences of an architect, engineer and artist


SANTIAGO CALATRAVA is not only a master architect but also an inspiration for many forms of art worldwide. The architect, engineer and sculptor who comes from a very old aristocratic family in Spain takes most of his design inspirations from animals. He starts sketching and illuminates the animal traces more and more until he gets to an architectural structure, et voil√† — a masterpiece is born.
Not only Instagram-worthy, like his latest oeuvre in New York, the new World Trade Center train station downtown which cost more than expected (a mind-boggling $3.7 billion!), but is definitely one of a kind and typical Calatrava.

When we look at Spanish fashion designer Delpozo and even the Brit Jonathan Anderson for Spanish luxury leather design house Loewe, we can see a very strong relationship in design. And looking at Calatrava lets you dream almost of a Renaissance ideal. That is probably why the US Company ABC Carpets shot their latest catalogue of design carpets in the Milwaukee Art Museum. Right they were, the architecture, light and structure make the carpets fly.