Let fall entertain you

It is the end of summer and just before harvest season, time for an IRMA dine and wine entertainment guide from around the world. We edited the most inspiring addresses to set your dinner table and everything that comes along, to make entertaining at home fun again.


Flamingo Estate, Los Angeles

Flamingo Estate

If you’re lucky enough to live in Los Angeles, you can get seasonal food packages from @flamingoestate, which is not a farm, but an estate owned by Richard Christiansen in the hills of the nearby Eagle Rock neighbourhood. The property’s garden is home to 150 different species of flowering plants and shrubs, as well as an orchard, vegetable patches and a beehive. Most of what you find in their online shop comes directly from the estate’s garden. Flamingoestate.com

The food boxes are seasonal and always a feast for the eyes. If you’re far away, get inspired by their food creations and their home, Flamingo Estate, and create your lunches and dinners with their produce, which you can buy online. And recreate her delicious recipes, here https://flamingoestate.com/blogs/recipes


Andrea Sham, Paris

Andrea Sham is more than a young Parisian patisserie, she is an artist and visual stylist of her gluten-free and vegan cakes, made with organic ingredients. She works and lives in “Le Potager du Dauphin”, a 17th century royal vegetable garden and former residence of King Louis XIV, which inspires her daily creations.


Gohar world, New York

Table wear by Gohar World

Sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar founded their brand in 2020 during the pandemic, when social gatherings were rare. Previously, they hosted weekly dinner parties in their Manhattan flat, known for their unique menus and table settings. Today, Gohar World is a tableware universe that combines tradition, time, craftsmanship and humour. You can buy her table linen collection from her online boutique.


Dr Cooper, Sydney

Flowers, Dr Lisa Cooper

No dinner party is complete without a beautiful floral arrangement. And the sight of a bouquet can lift and enhance the mood of a dinner party. Dr Lisa Cooper is a florist, artist and Doctor of Philosophy living in Sydney. Follow her account for inspiration.


Rust cakes, Berlin

Rust Cakes

And the best always comes at the end. Serve a cake for dessert that becomes the topic of conversation at the table. Rust Cakes in Berlin are the opposite of minimalist, simple dessert variations, but rather a piece of decadent art with delicious taste.