Celebrating fall and Oktoberfest

With Alex Oehl

Bye bye summer dresses.
Now is the time to make your wardrobe autumn-ready.

If you live in Munich, autumn starts with the Oktoberfest.
Whether you like Oktoberfest or not, you can’t escape the special atmosphere in the city.

For just over 2 weeks, the whole city celebrates an autumn festival and everything revolves around traditional Bavarian looks, beer and traditional Bavarian food.

For those who don’t want to wear a dirndl all the time, we’ve put together a few looks that convey that special autumn feeling and are unique at the same time.



Our olive green skirt has a classic “Dirndl” length and ends just above the knee. The ruffle trim gives it a playful, traditional folklore look.
We often combine the skirt with the sleeveless organic cotton jumper e.g. with red squirrel pattern, which is extra dainty and perfect for wearing on bare skin or over blouses and shirts.

What we love about the look: you can wear the skirt with opaque coloured tights or bare legs – depending on the temperature outside. The skirt looks especially cool with boots, making it a perfect autumn piece.

Skirt. Olive. by Jasmin Khezri Collection



Knitwear No.42. Sleeveless, Squirrel green; Cala blouse. Petite fleur;  by Jasmin Khezri Collection

Want to know why a squirrel adorns our jumper?
These cute little guys are at their most active in autumn as they gather food for the long winter ahead – just like us in the beer garden.
Sleeveless jumpers are our favourite pieces for the transitional season.
They are sexy and cosy at the same time.

And it’s the chicest piece to wear with a nice top that’s a little too tight. It gives you more coverage and you can still wear your top.
And of course you can pull it over your favourite blouse when it’s a bit chilly outside….


Knitwear No.42. Sleeveless, Squirrel green by Jasmin Khezri Collection




Both are combined in our classic Cala blouse with the red lip pattern. This cheerful dada print can be worn with any traditional Bavarian costume or as an eye-catcher with corduroy trousers and loden.





Knitwear No. 46. Mini cape geometric by Jasmin Khezri Collection

The perfect garment for autumn when the temperatures change from warm to cool. If you are looking for an all-day look, we recommend our geometric poncho.
This piece is chic and effortless at the same time.
Wear the poncho to the office over your favourite checked shirt.
And in the evening, simply take the poncho off and tie a large bow tie in front of your blouse.

Combine our pieces from the autumn collection with our favourite accessories for an effortless country look or combine your favourite piece with your traditional dirndl.
By the way, our mini poncho is just perfect over a dirndl to keep warm when leaving the Wiesn at night.

If you’re still looking for a souvenir for your Munich Wiesn night, take a look at our Travel Poster Edition.

Travel Poster “München” celebrating the Oktoberfest