La mode en rose


Long gone are the days when pink was considered a frilly, girlish color that no self-respecting fashionable woman would wear. The shades have become more sophisticated, and pink is now one of spring’s most fashion-forward colors. Maybe it’s also our delight in soft pastel shades, like a blossoming cherry tree, and eye-popping pink, like a bouquet of tulips, that signal the advent of spring, in nature as well as in fashion. And because pink comes in such a large variety of hues, from the softest pale pink to a deep fuchsia, everyone is certain to find their favourite shade.

Chanel just gave it to us La vie en rose when Karl Lagerfeld presented his autumn/winter collection a couple of weeks ago in Paris. The different fuchsia, pink and raspberry tones immediately conquered our mood into, shall we call it, let’s look at life through pink glasses. Hats, accessories, shoes and signature tweeds were woven with a bright pink threat and we can hardly wait until a couple of months when the shop windows will shout in pink.

IRMA selected her favourite pinks to fulfill your wishes already today.

IRMA’S BEAUTY TIP: We like the idea of wearing a nude/no make-up look to a strong coloured outfit, no nail polish rather nourishing nail oil or a base coat, hair undone but well taken care of and a light tinted moisturizer instead of make up.

Miu Miu

Oliver People

Tabitia Simons

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