Chérie, I want this! Pelle soap stones


Diamonds are, as they say, a girl’s best friend. So no wonder IRMA fell head over heels for these sybaritic gem stones, which look like precious jewels but are in fact – soaps.

Made by Brooklyn-based company Pelle, they come in a range of brilliant colours and fragrances and stand out for their angular cuts and transparency. The soap stones are handcrafted from all natural, vegetable-based soap ingredients and essential oils such as lemon-basil, grapefruit, cedar wood and eucalyptus. Cuts and colours are of course inspired by natural gemstones like aquamarine, rose quartz, jade and onyx. So this year, how about filling the Easter basket with some Pelle soap stones?

This beautiful product was discovered by our New York editor Zoe Warncke