It’s getting green outside — garden parties are back


As we are all getting into the mood for spring, let me think about how I can move my life more and more outside these days.

Let’s start with walking to work, a coffee to go in my hand, strolling through a park. There is nothing better than getting started into the day like this, and why not come straight back outside for a lunch break to catch the first and always the best rays of sunlight when the season is about to begin.

When night falls, don’t hesitate to stay outside. Make your terrace your extended living room and organize a garden party for the weekend.

Garden parties are great fun. No flower decoration is needed and you can skip the dinnerware, just serve chilled champagne and finger food in disposable but no less pretty plates and cups. Make sure your guests do not get cold and provide soft blankets and foulards. And why not bring out your Persian carpets and use them as a shield against the humidity on the grass?

We have in mind the groundskeeper’s cottage squeezed among the mansions of the newly rich on Long Island’s fictionalized “West Egg” (in fact, LI’s North Shore), which sits in the shadow of Gatsby’s “colossal castle” —  remember that scene in The Great Gatsby with Leonardo di Caprio?

Read the Book The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield and get into the mood of preparing a feast on the lawn. By the way, decorating a garden party is easy and great fun. Think of the food you serve as pure entertainment as I read in the latest issue of US Vogue this month. Canapés are back, glaze them with gelatine and they look like jewels, and top them with ingredients which make your party food the talk of the town.

We can’t wait to get started! Have a look at what you will need.

Isabel Marant