From the garden into the serum – BABOR’s new Collagen Boost Infusion

Like a little gift from my garden: the Collagen Boost Infusion by Babor.

It’s no news that certain foods boost collagen, which is the ultimate anti- aging protein. So black currant is only one ingredient among many others that is dominant in the latest product by BABOR, the Collagen Boost Infusion. We wanted to find out more about this latest invention and had a chat with Andrea Weber, director of research & development

IRMA: Which ingredients make this product so efficient? 
ANDREA WEBER: The ingredients sound like they have been picked right in your garden. Think of the Collagen Boost Infusion as an exquisite smoothie. Not only that the serum’s ingredient list sounds delicious, of course it is quite effective. The mix contains extracts of passionflower, black currant and wine leaves. Its effect is based on biomimetics, meaning that it mimics natural skin functions. It protects the collagen in our extracellular matrix so that our skin will not loose its elasticity. Also, it prevents the fine fibers from hardening due to glycation and – this fact actually is the cherry on top of this treat – it forms new collagen. Thus the booster has a threefold plumping effect and produces a super fresh complexion.

IRMA: Can I mix the booster with my daily skincare product? And how can I best use it with oily or very dry skin?
ANDREA WEBER: I prefer it just like I enjoy my fresh juice: pure. It just works best that way. The booster has an extremely light texture that penetrates the skin fast. Plus: The texture makes it an ideal product for both, oily skin and dry skin. After that I apply my favorite cream.

IRMA: What is the difference between a booster and ampoules? Could I use the ampoules when travelling and the booster at home?
ANDREA WEBER: The booster is an intensive four-week treatment – just as if you put your skin on a special “re-fresh diet” for a while. This is especially great in spring, when you want to kick off the new season with some extra energy. Ampoules on the other hand are weekly skin regimens. But in fact there is a Collagen Booster Ampoule that can pick up after you have given your skin that kick-start with the Collagen Boost Infusion. The ampoule works more like a “smoothie to go”, for example when travelling.

IRMA: Talking about lifestyle habits, how can I make sure that the result is even more effective, and how should I alter my regimen during this skin cure?
ANDREA WEBER: When you are re-freshing your skin from the outside, you should look into supporting it with fresh fruit, nutrition and liquids from the inside. Long story short: above all this means drinking a lot of water, about three litres a day. And maybe skip your morning latte as caffeine drains the hydration from your body.

IRMA: What happens after the cure, how can I keep my skin healthy and beautiful and how can I adjust my daily habits to keep that glow?
ANDREA WEBER: After starting off your beauty year 2017 with a bang, I recommend continuing to treat your skin with Collagen Booster Ampoules and Collagen Booster Cream. Both are perfect products to keep the collagen production going – and that is what makes us look fresh and rosy. When we are talking about cleansing, make sure to choose a soft cleanser that keeps the protective shield of your skin, the lipid film, untouched. And again: hydrate from the inside by drinking lots and lots and lots of water.

IRMA: How do I prepare my skin before usage to achieve a home spa kind of look?
ANDREA WEBER: Collagen Boost Infusion works best after thoroughly cleansing your skin. Once or twice a week use a peeling. If you are looking to get some more action into your peeling, choose a fruit acid peeling that gets rid of all the dead skin cells on the surface. Now your skin can basically “drink” the serum. I gently pat the serum “into” the skin, first rinsing it into the palm of my hand and then patting it onto my face with my fingertips. Finally – once I have applied the serum everywhere – I press it into the skin with my hands.

The Collagen Boost Infusion can be complemented by a cream and is also available as ampoules.