IRMA’s T-Shirt & Bag Collection

This collectable T-shirt collection comes starts with 7 different illustrations. Pick your favourite image and print it on a T-shirt or shopping bag.

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The IRMA T-Shirt: 69 EUR (incl. Tax), the IRMA Bag: 35 EUR (inclusive. Tax)


To complete your summer style wear golden loops to your limited edition art T-shirt. 07 IRMA T-Shirt “Polka Dot skirt Resort


No matter which age you are a white Art T fits in to every wardrobe. 07 IRMA T-Shirt “Polka Dot skirt Resort” /  09 IRMA T-Shirt “Dior in Deauville


Dark denim shirt by Alexa Chung to a selected limited-edition Art T-shirt and bag by IRMA, golden Loops by Leigh Miller via Net a Porter.
06 IRMA T-Shirt “Fernweh Collection New York


02 IRMA bag “Polka Dot skirt Resort


03 IRMA bag “Under my umbrella, Dior


04 IRMA bag “red at the beach”


01 IRMA T-Shirt “Gucci in Forte del Marmi


10 IRMA T-Shirt “red at the beach


07 IRMA T-Shirt “Polka Dot skirt Resort


08 IRMA T-Shirt
09 IRMA T-Shirt “Dior in Deauville


IRMA T-Shirt & Bag collection 2018