Create an indoor garden

It’s hot outside and summer is in full swing, the more you want to be surrounded by plants and flower. But who needs a garden when you can create a fully bloomed room inside.

Follow IRMAs tips and create your indoor garden which can be blossoming till late autumn.


  1. Find a mix of furniture that creates an outside ambience. Why not vintage garden chairs from the flea markets holstered with sophisticated materials. Like this you combine an outside accessory with an inside home comfortable appeal.
  2. Create a typical summer bouquet for your tablewith Hortensia, chervil, bellflowers, dahlias, Nigella and Viburdum. Just think of the scent and your mind is set on a la bagatelle garden. When you cannot take much care get some thistles which last a long time and give a nice combination of geometric shapes in a bulky vas.
  3. Curate your art so it has an outside appeal, sculptures, stones and reliefs are a great aspect when creating a garden room, think of ceramic art, pots and vases in leaf and blossom shapes. Think of Matisse interiors.
  4. Basket braid, raffia structures and carpets made out of basket materials give a rough appeal to an elegant room. The textures make you feel comfortable and close to nature. Use them to cover up your flower pots, which look very decorative.
  5. We love flower prints and textiles, use them in curtains, cover ups or plaids, not too much and not too many, just punctured like wearing a flower printed dress, accessories must be kept plain.
    Hand printed dress by AnAnLondres Fall Winter 2018 collection

Aloe Vera is a plant that has many positive aspects besides it can be used as a moisturizer for your skin, the plant looks decorative

Chairs vintage, textiles by Hermes Home collection

All flower arrangements by Juliane Spaete, @jule_s_spaete for Sois Blessed, @soisblessed