IRMA´S Dressing room is our contribution to sustainable Fashion

Lately most of us talk and think a lot about sustainable fashion. Which brands are clean and how many more cloths do we really need? The more we think about it, the more we are confused about what to buy and where to buy it from.

I am not saying that I will stop buying special pieces, a most wanted accessory or a new pair of shoes. We love fashion and we will always look to it, but our consumption must change for the better, more thoughtful.


Creating a colour concept helps you to get your dressing room organized and assemble new looks you might like, presentation is key.


Start with your own wardrobe, especially in spring, make a selection for what to keep and what to let go with the result that not only your closet is tidy and organized but you most probably have the impression of lightness. less better things are more valuable than lots of  fast fashion and I am not talking about High Street fashion only.

For the idea of Irma’s Dressing Room we did exactly this and even the prettiest dress might bore you after a while, so we decided to edit, to let go.

And here comes the fun part, we decorated, styled and arranged all cloths and accessories so that they got a polish and were put in a different context. We invited a circle of friends, followers and acquaintances and had a full day of come & goat my home (well, maybe another location next time) where we all had fun and most found something desirable, new for them.


Exchange ideas, stylings and thought … maybe the beginning of a new way of personal shopping.


We think that this event was a great experience to add a useful idea in terms of sustainable fashion to our small circle of friends and followers.

Putting that idea in perspective to a world, where the fashion industry being one of the biggest polluter of our planet is only a tiny beginning to act responsible when it comes to buying new cloths, accessories and interior.

A better idea might be to share, exchange and collect vintage, used or already therecloths and mix them to a fewer selected other, new things.


IRMA was the host of the event, we like her eclectic style of mixing and matching.


Do we need more collections, more seasons and capsules? Why not reinvent what you find and like or already have, make it your own personal style.

Join us for our next shopping experience soon to come and send us an email, if you like to be put on our invitation mailing list.

One of our favourite visual merchandise, the holiday shop and handpainted baskets by Jasmin Khezri for Irmasworld.


The changing room should be a relaxing space where you can put everything together in perfect light


Some left samples of IRMA’S Childrens Collection from 2008, where we used Harris Tweed and Liberty fabrics for a mini kids-collection which unfortunately was only produced as a sample collection.


… and last but not least our limited-edition Art T shirts, which are always available in our online shop.