IRMAS Advent Calendar – 4th December


4th DECEMBER: Of course IRMA loves shoes and has quite a few and she wants more and more, because there are always new ones to crave for and who doesn’t want to walk comfortably around the world. We asked Matthias Scho, designer and owner of SchoShoes, who is known for individual fine shoe making, for some tips we always wanted to know.

IRMA: When you start to design a shoe, what comes to your mind first?
SHOSHOES: I am thinking of the shoe that I would like to see on a woman’s foot. For which occasion is she looking for a shoe, when and where will she wear it. Is the potential client going to a cocktail party, or on a museum tour, or just for a quick walk in the city. But very important next to the visual detail are of course the functional possibilities, quality and comfort that come within each design. For each shoe I design, it is most important that each person feels good about it.

IRMA: High heels or flats, how do you recognize a shoe that will fit really well?
SHOSHOES: Over the years we have developed both shoes in all variations. Once we have found a good comfortable fit, we always work around that particular fitting to create new designs.

Yet there are so many different feet that one really has to try on various styles to find the best fitted shoe for oneself.

When you know how to walk elegantly, any type of shoe, whether high or low, is perfect but also a little peep toe makes the foot and the shoe interesting.

For me, shoes are always an important detail in your outfit, because they show who you are! You change your appearance the way you move! No matter if flat or high.

IRMA: What can you do about your shoes when you always have cold feet?
SHOSHOES: For cold feet and well-styled women who although it’s cold outside would like to wear our signature loafer, we have designed a special sheep fur skin inlay/sole to create warmth and comfort.

From the appearance the loafer remains the same. But then again we of course have amazing warm winter boots in our collection as well.

IRMA: How do you treat your shoes when you come home at night, can you give us a tip?
SHOSHOES: A real SchoShoes tip originally comes from my wife who always takes baby wipes and quickly cleans the sole and the inside of the shoe after the shoe has been worn.

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