Stockings, please!

IRMA took the idea from the latest CHANEL Mattiére d’Art Show in Rome
IRMA took the idea from the latest CHANEL Mattiére d’Art Show in Rome

ROME: No it’s not the 6th of December yet, but we are in the mood for stockings. It has nothing to do with Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas, who is around the corner but with the Chanel Métiers d’Art Show, which took place this week in Rome at Cinecittà, to be precise at Federico Fellini’s movie stage, Teatro 5, and in an all in black & white setting. It brought Paris to Rome, the perfect setting for Lagerfeld’s 11-minute film starring Kristen Stewart and Geraldine Chaplin as Coco Chanel. The models looked like replicas of Jeanne Moreau, Anouk Aimée, Monica Vitti and Romy Schneider but not as seen before as hair stylist Sam McKnight gave their look a different, very modern feel. The details our eyes could not resist were the stockings in the most intriguing patterns and laces. That is what Métiers d’Art is all about the fine handcrafted tailorwork a couture house like Chanel is so well known for. The stockings became the center of the finest patterns to see and in combination with the tweeds, capes and chiffons it just looked perfect.

We cannot wait until early spring to get our hands on a pair of those stockings so we are trying to improvise for now.

Have a look a this week’s DIY IRMA is so well known for and give it a try.

The finest silk stockings & tights with different lace patterns.
Use less expensive ones to be experimental and creative, so you are not too sad in case you cut off something you might regret afterwards.
A good pair of scissors
& a pair of fine lace or fishnet socks or knee length stockings
In total you need 1 pair of stocking and 2 pairs of different lace tights

Think of layers and patterns,
start with knee high lace socks, keep in mind that the smaller the pattern the better for
the first layer. From there build up your leg dressing. You can also cut the middle, knee part out of a hosiery and pull it partly on top of the lace knee length over your knee.
You finish with a good fitted lace hosiery which should not be too tight and lets all three patterns blent together well.

When you buy different stockings and tights, experiment in the store how they work on top of each other and which new pattern they create.