IRMA Winter Challenge 2016: Berchtesgaden

IRMA is still traveling to the most beautiful winter destinations. Each time you see #IRMAwinterChallenge in a post on or Social Network, you will have the opportunity to win an incredible weekend trip to one of IRMA’s winter dream destinations.  How to take part!


IRMA’s Winter Challenge continues! The third and final stop on our trip to the most beautiful places this winter is the Kempinski Berchtesgaden.

Good luck to you and follow IRMA this week to snowy Berchtesgaden and the beautiful Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden.


If you really want to calm down, rewind and find inner balance, book a snowshoe hiking tour with activity concierge Manuel Huber at the Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden. He speaks in a very relaxed way about his region and how he thinks a balanced life should be lived. By the time you return to the hotel, you feel like, why should life not be easy as that.

IRMA: How did you come up with the idea of being an “activity concierge”?
Manuel Huber: It wasn’t my idea. It was the idea of our hotel manager. One day in June I got a phone call from the HR-Manager and he told me about his concept and the idea for the activity concierge. After our first meeting, going with him on a mountain bike tour, I got the job as “Activity Concierge”.

IRMA: What is the most popular and fun winter activity?
M.H.: I can’t say that there is one most popular winter activity. I would say that every guest has his own most popular winter activity. For some people it is skiing for others it’s cross-country skiing and for the next it is going out into the woods with snowshoes. The snowshoe hikes are magical; you are active in nature and really calm down. It lifts your spirits and emotions; it’s a must when visiting the mountains in winter.

IRMA: What is your personal favourite activity during winter?
M.H.: For me there is nothing better than skiing, skiing, skiing!

IRMA: What was the most challenging activity you did with your clients?
M.H.: That was a mountain bike tour with guests from the USA. It took us half a day for a distance of 14 km. Normally you are back after 2 hours. We weren’t back until after 6 hours.

IRMA: Do you see at first sight when meeting a guest what kind of sport he/she would like to do?
M.H.: Sometimes I can see it. When a guest wears hiking or running shoes it’s easy to find out what they want to do. You can get someone’s fitness level by their posture and the way they walk. But it is always tricky in the mountains. Because of the altitude some people are weaker the first days or have dizziness and are tired.

IRMA: What program would you propose to a guest who visits the Kempinski Berchtesgaden for energizing in order to gain inner balance, stabilization and energizing of mind and body?
M.H.: For me it’s a mixture to find the inner balance. The most important thing is that guests go out into nature without mobile phones. Smelling nature, touching the clear water. The guest should hear the silence. Do some sport or just hang out in our SPA Area.

IRMA: Would you ever leave this region to live somewhere else?
M.H.: No, I don’t think so. I was raised here and I just love to be in the mountains. I love the snow, the air and the people. It is a very special place where I am happy to live until the end of my life.

How to take part:

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This post was made possible with the kind support of the Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden.