Change your shoes when it’s cold outside


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MUNICH: When it is getting colder outside I have to rethink my outfits according to the colder weather which starts for me usually with the shoes. Now I have to think about tights, socks or even boots and my beloved thin-soled shoes can be only worn when the sun is shining and temperatures do not drop below 5 degrees.

I decided to only wear sheer, skin-coloured silk knee socks this winter, which give the illusion of wearing no socks at all and having an even, sun kissed skin at the same time (make sure the tone goes with the rest of your skin type for a natural look). I even wear boots without no socks at all but use a cosy lambswool insole to keep warm.

By now you already have your favorite outfits for autumn / winter and you might think about each outfit for two kinds of weather pairing it with the right pair of shoes.

A pencil skirt has a different look when worn with snow boots instead of stilettos, but paired with a chunky oversized sweater it looks just perfect for the day. Leave your nude heels for night time with a a silk blouse or a favorite t-shirt.

My Gucci mules in sheer gold are best worn bare feet but if you don’t want to miss a sparkling gold detail while it is grey and rainy outside, go for the latest golden biker boots by Dolce e Gabbana. Put in a lambswool insole and feel immediately warm and cosy.

A white shoe for winter is essential and whether it is a flat slip-on or a classic sneaker, worn with black opaque tights it always looks well dressed and feels warm at the same time.

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