In the Mood for Cannes

CANNES: I remember the first time I went to the Cannes Film Festival. I was working as a hostess girl doing personal invitation deliveries to the doorsteps of the stars in the grands hotels. I had to knock at their suite’s doors (not too loud, not too timid, just right) so that someone opened the doors and I could deliver the invitation card with a big smile. Those were the times when social media were not even invented and the actors would still have the time to concentrate on their work as a movie star and not as a testimonial for any big jewellery company or beauty dynasty.

Tomorrow we will have two weeks ahead of us with new releases, parties, dresses, events  and gala soirees. Every year the Festival is completely different, although parts of it will be always the same like for example the Vanity Fair Party at the legendary Hôtel du Cap or a lunch at the famous fish restaurant Tétou in Golfe Juan.



1. Shades are of course a MUST, even at night when you walk down La Croisette in your evening gown, like everybody else does. It is great to see all this evening wear all day long – just keep the same pair of shades.

2. You will not have time to get a tan while you are in Cannes. It is hard work but your bare legs need to look like you just spent an afternoon at La Plage Voilier, La Croisette, doing nothing. NUXE sun, silky self tanning lotion will help.

3. For my evening wear I was inspired by the Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection from last week in Palm Springs, a perfect setting. And did you know that the neighborhood La Californie in Cannes was named like this because Cannes and California have so much in common?

4. Make a decision to wear jewels in your hair, on your ears or around your neck, never all together. This year probably in the hair.

5. It will always rain in Cannes, yes, it will, although we are in May. It has always been like this and this time I will take my vintage umbrella by Moschino which keeps me in a good mood.

6. Red lips make you look pretty already when you open the curtains of your room in the morning to see what the weather will be like. I like French Sourire no. 340 SHINE LOVER by Lancôme.

7. Take your bathing suit wherever you go, because a quick swim in the sea is always refreshing and does wonders, especially after a lunch with a glass or two of Domaine Ott at the Carlton Plage.

8. The Chanel Cruise Collection in Seoul is another inspiration on how to get dressed up. I loved the pop dotty atmosphere and collection which gives you a sugar rush just by looking at it.

9. Jewels are a must. Unfortunately nowadays everyone just borrows the gems for a night which takes away their mystery and of course the story behind a person. Just think about Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond ring collection which got bigger and bigger after each divorce.

10. We love lunch at Tétou near Golfe Juan right at the shore. The Rouille, which is a classic French garlic and saffron mayonnaise, is tricky as you cannot stop nibbling on it, even if you have an evening gala to attend. It is truly addictive especially with the roasted crouton bread which comes with their famous Bouillabaisse.

11. This Chloé dress is perfect to wear all day long. Sometimes I wonder if it is really necessary to change outfits for each screening? Why not take the time to stroll along the beach before you go back to The Bunker, which is what they call Le Palais du Festival.

12. We love to wear flats to our long frocks. No ballerinas but these ribbon-enhanced, fur-trimmed, bejeweled shoes that make quite an impression and bring me to the idea of wearing fur in summer, the way they did in the 50s.

13. When packing your festival wear think of your favorite star. What would she pack and how would she wear it? IRMA sets her mind on Jane Birkin. La Côte d’Azur was her home territory and there is no other woman who embodies bohemian chic with French elegance like she did.

14. The best hour in Cannes during the next two weeks will be around six in the morning. You will either walk back barefoot from a soirée at Baôli or with your tracking shoes running along the Croisette. The light is perfect at that hour.

15. Talking about shoes, these Chanel espadrilles are perfect for the boat, where we will enjoy lunch between the Hyére Islands.