It need not always be flowers

Collage-MOTHERDAYMUNICH: What else can you give your mommy for Mother’s day? Yesterday you could win a lunch for two at the famous Tantris restaurant in Munich and I think the nicest gift is to spend time together, a wonderful time to remember. Today we want to take you shopping and create something special for your mama.

See IRMA’S favorite things for Mother’s day and if you are not a mother, or not yet, I am sure you have a Chérie who should know what makes you happy, any day:

The Book: Carlos Mota´s book A TOUCH OF STYLE by Assouline is not just a book about interior design. He is a master and an artist if it comes to choosing the right flowers for an interior. The long time Sitting editor of Architectural Digest and Elle Decor in the US has the perfect eye to make any room dramatic and a piece of art just by using the right colors, compositions and of course any kind of flowers.

The jewelry: The little gold plated bell by CELINE which hangs along a black or beige thick ribbon is the accessory or jewel that makes an outfit different. You can use it as a belt around your favorite tweed or linen jacket to emphasize your waist or just as a choker hanging around your neck. It has a calming noise when you move as it holds a little bell inside.

The Portemonnaie: It is simply round and small, all aspects that I want in a purse that holds my cash, no credit cards, just coins and paper money. Simplify your life with an accessory that’s easy to find, even in your super large shopping bag

IRMA iPhone cases: The latest designs are here just in time for spring. In vibrant colors do they cover your phone beautifully. Order them through Caseable.

The Artwork: A piece of art created by a child is the most precious thing you can get, especially when it is done with such beautiful details. We like the interpretation of IRMA from a 10 year old. Inspire a loved one to make it for you.

Shoes: Instead of flowers one should bring shoes to a dinner Party or to Sunday lunch on Mother’s day. A bejeweled pair of shoes makes any hostess smile forever.

Enjoy this weekend



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