How your holidays inspire your work-life balance

The holidays are a good time to reflect and to learn new things. You might be traveling to a destination you have not been before and finding new visual inspiration or you just time to daydream, observe a beautiful landscape and or read a book.
Holidays are made to get you into the next level for your work-life balance.


6 tips by IRMA on how to do it.


  1. Start with packing your suitcase differently.
    Whether you are going on a tracking tour or to a jet set destination, bring things that you have not worn before and that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. A good mix is key so you can change according to your mood and task.

    A mix of vintage finds (shoes 1963), favourite foulards and bags (Hermès) and a new pair of sunnies ( Gucci )


  2. Read a daily newspaper if you speak the language or look at magazines of your interest from the county you are traveling too. We love especially Interior and food magazines as they introduce the culture of the country.
    IRMA indulging in the surroundings of her holiday destination. Illustration art by Irmasworld


  3. Try to create a balanced daily routine. A mix of relaxation time, excursion, sport and healthy living, as well as indulgence. You are more sensitive when your mind is relaxed, and it is easier to change things. Maybe learn a new sport, create a new morning routine or find a ritual that relaxes you.
    Be inspired by the way of Living, Interior design and ideas of the country you are visiting. A bathroom corner of the Mandarin Oriental in Bodrum, Hermès bag and Chloé sunglasses.


  4. Indulge in the food from the country you are traveling to. Maybe you like to visit local food markets and bakeries that have an artisanal approach to food. What kind of herbs and spices are used, and which positive effect will they have to your health.
    Wear things differently but stay effortlessly chic. Wearing trousers and jumper by Tory Burch summer 2019, bag: Hermès, with T-shirt by Helmut Lang.


  5. Time off is actually about doing nothing. Why not launching under a parasol for endless hours? A kind of open eye meditation that brings lots of thoughts into your mind. Try to bring these thoughts in an order. You might need a pen and notebook to draw a mind map or maybe you can just keep it in your head. The idea is to let it flow and to see what comes to your mind first, which thoughts keep coming back and which things worry you or make you smile.
    When back home stay as long as the weather allows in your holiday dress code and keep a relaxed post-holiday life style.


  6. Do something creative, something you always wanted to do. Visit a pottery workshop or simply bring your sketchbook to the beach and draw what you see or write a short story, something that will remind you of your holidays.
During a vacation your skin is exposed to lots of sun, air and water. This very healthy lifestyle makes you more sensible towards your body and therefor it is easier to skip bad habits or take on new healthy routines.



Always create something new. Our IRMA hand painted basket collection was actually born on a day during our holidays.