How to get started and become a super blogger


LONDON: 10 things to know about becoming insta-famous

1. Before you start you social media, develop a strategy about how and what you want to communicate. Your visual look will be most important, because that is what will be your strongest tool when building your social media way up to success.

2. Start to develop ideas first to establish a look and use the app PIC COLLAGE to create mood boards to put all your ideas together. PIC COLLAGE even has cool stickers which you can use. Group your picture categories by using the app PIC STITCH, which groups your images clearly and brings an order into your creative thoughts.

3. It’s worth learning more about iMovie and you can easily edit videos from your phone and add music to them by using the MAGISTO app. That way you will have a different vibe to your instagram. Or just use SNAPCHAT and nothing else.

4. Most important: Find out which social media platform works best for you to communicate your ideas. Once you know, you can start experimenting with it and find your own visual language.

5. To gain followers, use relevant hashtags within sentences. You can also use third party sites if it works with your content and find out more about popular trends within you media platform.

6. Use scheduling apps like Hootsuite to manage multiple accounts and to schedule posts for a future date.

7. Learn how to use gifs on instagram and Tumblr. Have a look at the app 15FOLDS or make really artsy gifs with the app GLITCHE.

8. Be active on a regular basis. It is good to upload an image every day on instagram or if you can’t then just once a week, but make sure to use the same day of the week. Regularity is key.

9. Look at other social media accounts and get inspired without copying, rather analyze trends and tendencies and find your own ways to communicate. It is also interesting to see where you stand and how you develop in a certain time frame. Always look at your account in the past and see what you can improve.

10. With so much variety in social media platforms, a consistent aesthetic is key. Try to stick to it and do not change it all the time; at the same time do not get boring. Only plates photographed from above might be dull after some time and one selfie after another or always the same postures will be rigid and uninspiring.