How to already wear summer 2016 trends now


PARIS: I don’t want to wait until the next season and I love to take inspiration from the summer 2016 shows to already wear now. Not that we want to fake or copycat it but some ideas are worth taking a closer look at and why not start wearing them already.

You might not even need much to do so. Take a look into your wardrobe and add a few things which can make a change or add some new accessories to recharge the clothes you already have and always like. There are many advantages for doing so and one is for sure: start having fun with new trends and it might be worth investing in that outrageously expensive chunky boot when you can look ahead and know already that you will pair it in summer with your long pleated dresses by Céline.

Use the information you got from all the fashion weeks lately and be a better, well informed shopper. Here are just a few favorites I will start wearing already today.