How do we want to live in the future?

Irina Lunina, takes Real Estate to a different level. Not only that the Russian born and grown up in Germany young women triggers each project with a very sensitive and feminine aspect but her cultural background and her experience in Living Psychology adds up to a full service of living culture and development world-wide.


IRMA: HAUS 1, please tell us about the essence and development of your real estate concept?
IRINA LUNINA: HAUS 1 develops real estate concepts and implements this full with empathy. It can be the brokerage of a property with full- service marketing or we advise in renting, buying and finding land for your dream house. We also help to change an existing property and to get more quality of living. We love that our clients are so individual, and it is always a new adventure to find the right property. Your home is designed around your emotional needs. It should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love. Your experience with HAUS 1 is a journey. It begins here and it ends long after you move into your new home. Our experience begins with you; listening and understanding. It is holistic and based on truth.


IRMA: You came to Munich in 2002, what was your first impression on how people lived and decorated their homes in Germany.
IRINA LUNINA: My first impression was that Munich is a rather conservative city and this is very much reflected in the living situation. People are very traditional and often not open minded to changes. However, in the last years we do see a development. Interior designers are very much in demand now and there is a heavy competition without mentioning any names. You actually see a different touch to 2002. But it’s also the real estate development that went through a drastic change. The clientele of today is highly demanding, and they became much more individual. At the moment I don’t see a real trend in decorating homes. My clients like to vary and don’t want to follow one specific concept.



IRMA: You were studying the psychology of living/ interior the University in Vienna, how does that influence your business and personal style of real estate?
IRINA LUNINA: Through my studies in Vienna I gained a new understanding of the real estate business.
Spaces are like human beings, they also have their own language. We live according to our current life situation. I also realized that Holistic is not only a medical term. It’s a philosophy that can be also applied to real estate. It’s about recognizing the interconnected aspects of a person and situation. A holistic realtor guides their clients through the real estate experience taking the wellbeing often of the whole person – mind, body and soul. I also learned not to separate the spiritual from the material. But we are all spiritual beings in a material world. Spaces are a resource and why not strengthen them. For me it’s very important to bring more quality in your living situation. You can change your apartment, your style and through that you are changing your entire life. I believe that residential real estate is the next frontier that will be radically transformed by the wellness movement. Our homes directly affect our daily behaviours and lifestyles and together these determine our health outcomes. Since our homes are your personal investment.



IRMA: To your opinion how important is a health-conscious living concept today?
IRINA LUNINA:Today this is very important. We have to create awareness that our individual health and wellbeing is intrinsically linked to our broader environment and the people around us. Especially after being in the lock down you do realize how important our rooms are to us. Modern luxury calls for emotional experiences. We live in a world that radically changed from one day to another. I would be very happy also to see the changes in our houses and apartments. New ideas and concepts are always good, it makes our lives more exciting.


IRMA: Which projects really trigger interest in you and how to your opinion does real estate development has to be in the future?
IRINA LUNINA:I developed a real interest in country houses. It is so en vogue. Great land is precious. It is at the heart of all good living. People have a strong desire to be reconnected back to nature. We want to eat organically; we want to live organically. The fast life in cities has changed completely. My other focus lies in changing the living situation of my clients. I advise them in all fields, from buying to renting or building. That is why we are unique as a practise – we place an emphasis on helping our clients find the best land their circumstances allow.


IRMA: Your personal advice when looking for an apartment or house, what are the things that are most important to make a good choice?
IRINA LUNINA:I think you can’t find a common denominator. All my clients have different tastes, needs and financial circumstances. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients properly and to find a couture home which reflects them.