Here are 6 recommendations and ideal products for achieving a facial glow post January!

Yes, it almost feels like Spring when the days are getting longer, especially after seeing all the floral prints and glowy cheeks at the Paris Haute Couture shows. We have to share the most efficient skin-care products and tips with you, to revive and replenish your skin after the Winter season.

LE BLANC Sérum Eclaircissant Unifiant
Mademoiselle Chanel knew best; precious pearls illuminate a dress, and more importantly, our face. That is why Le Blanc acts synergistically with pearl extracts to achieve an anti-enhanced complexion and to regulate melanin synthesis to correct and prevent dark spots. Its intense hydration properties make it a perfect base as a hydrator.

IRMA´S TIPP: Store this product in the fridge to get a refreshing feeling in the morning when applying the Serum.

My morning routine by Chanel. Le Blanc, Sérum Eclaircissant Unifiant, Poudre Lumiere and Hydra Beauty Flash, Instantly Hydrating Perfecting Balm


Instantly Hydrating Perfecting Balm
In Winter our skin becomes dry and dull, with an uneven texture and visible pores from cold weather and radiated heat indoors.
The ultra-hydrating active ingredient, Camellia Alba restores the hydration balance. It helps the skin retain water and prevents this water from escaping. It helps the skin restore and maintain optimal moisture due to the ingredient, Blue Ginger PFA, a powerful antioxidant which protects skin from free radicals and reinforces the cellular self-defense system.

IRMA´S TIPP: Also use this product during the day and pad it lightly onto your skin with your fingertips, even on top of make-up or tinted moisturizer.

FACE OIL, Anti Dark Spots
Beauty entrepreneur and wellness director of the Rocco Forte Hotels, Irene Forte is super passionate about her healthy lifestyle. Being inspired by Sicily’s rich ingredients and the bounty of Verdure’s organic farm, she has created a nutritious skincare range that is sustainable in its entire life cycle. She has also been influenced by Sicilian handicrafts, wanting to ensure that her products were hand-manufactured.

Her serum orange blossom oil, almond, grapeseed, olive, sunflower seed and jojoba oils not only help reduce pigmentation, they also strengthen and hydrate the skin.

IRMA´S TIPP: The natural smell of orange blossom is so intense that you can also use it as a scented oil on your pillow for a good night sleep.


Irene Forte, Orange blossom face oil

15% VITAMIN C spotless serum
Vitamin C is well known for brightening your complexion, nourishing your skin, and decreasing inflammation as well as irregular pigmentation to leave your face glowing.
The KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C potent bi-phase serum (be sure to shake before using) is the ultimate remedy; the top half is a cocktail of vitamin C and wild rose oil, making it super nourishing and the bottom is a natural brightening complex for maximum results.

IRMA´S TIPP: Use the moisturizer before using the Vitamin C serum, like this it penetrates much better into the skin.


Preferred to make up, the Sisley’s tinted moisturizer with botanical extract. Ceramic vase and flowers by  @BLUMENDIELEBEN


To get two results in one, use a tinted moisturizer instead of a make up for a healthy glow effect all day long and a comfortable moisturized skin.
Th Sisley tinted Moisturizer combines the efficiency of a day cream and radiance effect of a very natural make-up. It provides a long-lasting hydration (thanks to Plant-origin Glycerine and Woodmallow extract). It softens and nourishes the skin (due to the ingredients Phytosqualane, Sunflower and Plum oil) and blurs out fine lines and blemishes.

IRMA´S TIPP: Spritz on Face mist at the end of your skincare routine.
You can still use your moisturizer or serum, try an oil free water-based moisturizer.


Always in my handbag, Poudre Lumiere by Chanel

Poudre Lumiere
During the day use this illuminating face powder to reflect light for a radiant finish in shimmering golden shades, with ivory, bronze and rose tints.
Dust it over the center of the forehead, tops of the cheekbones, brow bone and Cupid’s bow, voila!

IRMA´S TIPP: Use the Poudre Lumiere also as an eyeshadow, which make your eyes look clear and wide awake. Spring is as mentioned just around the corner!


All vases and flowers by @blumendieleben shot and styled by @jasminkhezri