Things that give me a sense of time and beauty, Haus Glanz

Haus Glanz is an online concept store only showing beautiful and unique designs, all made in Germany.

We had a chat with the founder and journalist Sharon Berkal, who correctly noticed that German Design and heritage has undergone a change in the eye in the international art, design and fashion scene. We love the potpourri of Made in Germany presented and admire the sustainable aspect.

Sharon Berkal. Fotos by Anna Wendt, jewellery by Sabrina Dehoff & Ina Beissner

IRMA: How and why did you came up with the idea HAUS GLANZ?
SHARON BERKAL: A couple of years ago, I was working as a journalist, I noticed a growing design and fashion scene in Germany that was on a very high international standard, including beautiful brands like Stiebich & Rieth, Odeeh or Achtland for example. I also realized that they basically just existed by being shown at fashion events like the Vogue Salon or in magazines. You could not really buy them nor were people wearing them. I did not understand, what seemed to be a lack of pride and joy – compared to not worshipping your partner and at the same time short-sighted when it comes to competition in international business.

IRMA: Tell me the benefits of a digital concept store?
SHARON BERKAL: The consumer in Germany is so much more than just a hipster from Berlin-Neukölln or from the Schanze in Hamburg. People, who love design live in Paderborn, Koblenz or in the Allgäu region. To reach out to them we started with a digital showroom and concept store.

Sharon Berkal,Haus Glanz. Fotos by Anna Wendt. Atelier from Agnes Nordenholz

IRMA: One of your aims is to add sustainability into design, how to you do that?
SHARON BERKAL: It comes with the gift. If you look at a product from manufactures like KPM Berlin for example, they are always sustainable by nature. They are handmade with pure ingredients. Buying luxury is usually sustainable. As a company, we cut out all the plastic in our packaging and send our bills by mail. Small steps, but everything is important.

IRMA: What are the criteria for a brand to be showcased at HAUS GLANZ?
SHARON BERKAL: That is a simple one – you have to be German or living in Germany for quite a while. And produce something that I crave for. I always ask myself if I would fell in love with it no matter where in the world I would see it.

Sharon Berkal, Haus Glanz. Fotos by Anna Wendt. KPM – Berlin

IRMA: Are you planning to get a Brick & Mortar venue with HAUS GLANZ?
SHARON BERKAL: Yes, absolutely. We are actually on it right now. HAUS GLANZ has to be experienced with all senses. And there is so much more to this idea than just to consume – you can have readings, exhibitions, food and more. HAUS GLANZ is not just a concept store it is also a home for brands, a showroom and an agency.

IRMA: What is the meaning of beautiful, well manufactured things for your personal?
SHARON BERKAL: Beauty has no trend nor price tag. A beautiful product has a story. If someone took care of every detail while creating it, you can really feel their love and their thoughts. I also love it when I get „grounded” through a product. For example, writing with a pen by Kaweco that was first designed in 1911. It is still here, more than 100 years later. It gives me a sense of time in this age of digitalization.

Sharon Berkal, Haus Glanz. Fotos by Anna Wendt. Die Dame- Magazine

IRMA: In your opinion, what is needed in times of digitalization to market a product well
SHARON BERKAL: A product needs to be authentic. It needs to be emotional. It needs to be made by a beautiful mind. Products that are created just make money will not stand the test of time.

IRMA: How do you see the development of the German market in terms of Fashion, Lifestyle and Beauty?
SHARON BERKAL: We have some splendid times ahead. We have such a vast amount of good designers, designs, manufactures and products. We also have a rich culture and a beautiful country. Things are starting to move on with institutions like the Fashion Council Germany or traditional companies like MEISSEN hiring modern fashion designers as new creative directors. There is still some way to go until we worship it in the same way as we would a bag from Chanel or a trip to Rome, but once you start discovering it, it is like falling in love with your spouse AGAIN!

Sharon Berkal, Haus Glanz. Fotos by Anna Wendt Jacket by Strenesse, coat by FOMME

Do we need more things, and if so, why?
SHARON BERKAL: No, we clearly need no more things, but sometimes a beautiful product is like a dream. A vision of a better future. And if we stop dreaming, the world will be a sad place.

Born in Munich, I left for London straight after my Abitur to study fashion journalism. Back in Munich and a trainee program as event manager later, I finally had the guts to pursue my first big career dream: to become a director. In 1999, I moved to Berlin (my soul city) and started to learn in a company that produced music videos and commercials. A few years older and wiser, I turned to journalism and worked for several years for the international broadcaster DW.

HAUS GLANZ launched in Mai 2018. I am getting married on the 14thof December to my partner of nine years. He is from Eastern Germany and with me being from Munich, we celebrate a united Germany on all levels. A perfect foundation for a successful partnership!