Headband mania

Headbands as jewellery by www.haircharmsies.com, models at Dolce e Gabbana feeling supreme with their summer hair. All pins, combs and flowers from Dolce e Gabbana

Ancient Greek and Roman women knew how to bejewel their hair and so deeply infatuated the entire womanhood that headbands have been in fashion almost always since then. IRMA picked the prettiest ones for you to shop right away.


If you have a bad hair day, go for a broader design version which almost covers your hair like a turban. These headbands are also great when it rains and you want to protect your hair from getting wet.

Look out for bejewelled pins and hair combs with silk flowers, Swarowski stones or bows they make you feel instantly pretty and are great helpers when it comes to getting your hair pinned up.

“Every messy hair looks instantly sophisticated with some bling.”

Miu Miu Headbands
Miu Miu
Oscar de la Renta Headbands
Oscar de la Renta
Miu Miu Headbands
Miu Miu
Valentino Headbands
Givenchy Headbands
Dolce E Gabbana Headbands
Dolce e Gabbana
Dolce e Gabbana clip Headbands
Dolce e Gabbana