Hands. Take extra care

In times like these we look back to the past . How did people protect themselves against disease and illnesses?
The focus is now on our hands and how to keep them clean, hopefully all day long. Lots of washing dries out your skin and therefore we need to take extra care with special hand masks, nail oil, creams and serums.

I realized that I am getting more creative with my new hand routine. I no longer only keep my face serum for around the eyes but also use it on the back of my hands.

The other day I discovered that the couture zeitgeist splash by ambuja, a moisturizing spritz, calms the skin on my hands after lots of washing and also neutralizes the PH value of my skin. It is not only refreshing, but also acts as a protection against environmental influences and pollution.
The brand’s patented signature broth, SUPERFLUID™ Cell Fluidum, helps neutralize, refresh, hydrate and replenish the delicate skin of the hands. 24/7 skin protection to prevent the skin and your hands from early aging . One energizing spritz helps cleanse, soothe irritated skin, restore elasticity and suppleness. The softening lotion reduces redness while elevating pleasure and comfort in the skin.
Now, I use this face splash also on my hands and lower arms, to protect and to refresh.


Santa maria Novella

When it comes to soap, I like to use Santa Maria Novella, who recently opened their German flagship store in Munich together with the Beauty connoisseur Melanie dal Canton.
Santa Maria Novella is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world. They already existed during the big Italian plague (1630). Many recipes for beauty products and pharmaceutical remedies over the counter have just slightly been altered ever since.

I use their nourishing, moisturizing, emollient soap made with sweet almond oil that smells like a spring garden in Italy. I follow my handwash with their classic Crema Per le Mani . Every other night I use the nourishing, scented Almond Paste Cream that is rich in vegetable fats and overnight I put an extra thick layer on my hands and cover them with cotton gloves.

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Spray Purif-i

The content of my handbag is now heavier than before. In addition to my couture zeitgeist splash by ambuja I always take the small pocket size Susanne Kaufmann Hand Spray Purif-i sanitizing with me . It has a completely new agent combination that disinfects hands without drying them and to finish a small bottle of nail oil that nourishes  and strengthens brittle nails.


All this might look like many products just for your hands. But thinking about it you can use some products for other things like for example the ambuja Couture Zeitgeist splash on the entire body and face. The almond paste cream by Santa Maria Nouvella also on your feed and elbows and the Susanne Kaufmann Hand Spray Purif-I as well on surfaces for cleaning and disinfecting.


But do not forget. Wear gloves whenever you can.

Hermès makes beautiful ones in all colours made of very thin and fine leather that feels like a second skin. Wear them when driving your car, going to the supermarket, going for a run.
Start making a habit out of it.

Remember in the 50s ladies always wore gloves leaving the house.

All photos taken at IRMA STUDIO by Jasmin Khezri