First week, #stayathome and we like it

You know,  IRMA is always making the best out of it and although I want to shout out F**K COVID-19 I am taking a deep breath (preferably with a face mask) and being grateful of the time being. This first week at home did change the world. And now for sure it will not be the same again.
For better or worse we have learned a lot.

Not only the air looks cleaner, the house always filled with the whole family, the fridge heavy loaded and to be honest my creativity has never been better.

Whether I am thinking of a new porridge version for breakfast, a concept for our clients that will get them in a new spotlight, the books I am ordering at Amazon (actually I should do !) or the way I am getting dressed for home, comfortable but still attired. Most times with IRMA’S Art Sweatshirts.

The more time you spend with a brush in your hand, the crazier the ideas become.

It is an interesting time and although most flower shops are closed and my vases are empty by now, I feel like redecorating our home. Like making this little cosmos I am currently living in (from home to grocery store to the park and back home again) even more valuable and nicer.

The radius gets smaller. Much smaller and I am beginning to like it. Whereas I was in travel lounges at least once a week, wined and dined at the most outstanding restaurants, went to galleries and museums, a tremendous inspiration and ongoing journey, I now sit back on my couch, trying to entertain our teenage children with a Mocktail workshop (trying hard  to be popular) which finally did not take place as we didn’t have appropriate alcohol in the house ; I feel extreme happiness and curiosity for what is yet to come.


It took some time to establish a daily guilt-free reading hour. Now it became a ritual and reading a book is back on my schedule. IRMA’S Art Sweatshirts.


We will definitely stay focused on what is important and who needs support. Whether its small businesses, the German economy, the damage in Europe caused by COVID-19.
We will be thinking together of a better world, with more humanity, more kindness and values.

Details make life more beautiful. I looked at my old art books, left my favourite pages open and just enjoyed looking at this visual journey.


And we can only recommend start cooking, if you not already do so. It is something you do for others and something necessary to stay healthy and well.

I had many requests for challenges, good causes and charity works. I took up quite a few.


As my favourite flower shop is closed, I am taking extra care of what is still alive.