Guest essentials from Dorset Square, a Firmdale Hotel

Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD relaxing at the communal garden at Dorset Square Hotel, London

When choosing a hotel room I make sure a few things just come naturally with the choice of the hotel, like for example a private garden. This might sound the last thing you are looking for, especially when visiting London and walking around all day. But let me tell you, there is nothing more comfortable than taking a break in a privat communal garden tacked away from London’s busy street life.

Another benefit that comes along is that you can feel free to mix yourself a drink any time of the day in the Common Room right across the reception and take your Bloody Mary with you into a lush, green garden to read your book or just for a little daydreaming.

At Dorset Square Hotel, one of Kit Kemp’s dozen hotels of the Firmdale Hotels group, it is all about creating private comfort as if you were in your own home, just with great staff at hand. That is how I would describe the hotels made by the British interior designer and her husband Tim.

You can look at her book on hotel design, Kit Kemp: EVERY ROOM TELLS A STORY and get inspired on how to create a décor that wraps you in a mix of homemade luxury and an artistic spin.

IRMA noticed a few things to copy for your own house when we visited the hotel some weeks   ago but we suggest to stop by for a weekend getaway and see for yourself.

  • Fresh flower bouquets should always look as if you have just hand-picked them from your garden.
  • A selection of edited first-hand literature is great, if you don’t want to carry your own books with you and also inspiring when somebody else did the editing for you. Look what we found…
Assorted literature in the room
  • Breakfast, ahhh, my favourite topic, because to me you really assess the quality of a hotel by the choice of cereals and bread. They should be homemade and not packaged in children’s portions Kellogg’s boxes. We loved the homemade waffles, fresh berry mix and handmade granola. And of course their afternoon tea in the garden is lovely as well.
Teatime in the garden
  • A living room instead of a lobby is the perfect place when you enter a hotel after a busy day. Order a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable in front of the fireplace.
  • A welcoming bed makes you look forward to bedtime. Padded back extra cushions and pillows and a duvet that looks and feels like a heavy cloud which is about going burst. We love the pencil and notebooks beside the bedside table for great ideas and thoughts that might come to mind.
Kit Kemp, co-owner and Design Director for Firmdale Hotels