Colour is most important for breakfast – Mermaid Toasts by Adeline Waugh

Mermaid Toast by Adeline Waugh

Adeline Waugh, the food stylist and founder of Vibrant & Pure, got famous when she started creating colourful mermaid toasts on Vogue Runway instead of regular avocado toasts. Her goal is to brighten up healthy food and you can find many tips about that on her site as well as plenty of inspiration on her beautiful Instagram account. One of my favourite features are her tips about food styling on a budget.

IRMA: What is your morning routine?
ADELINE WAUGH: I like to wake up and have a big glass of room-temperature water with lemon (cold water is harder on the digestive system). Next, I like to listen to my body and see what I’m in the mood for. I used to force myself to eat breakfast even though I’m really not hungry when I wake up. So most often nowadays, I will have my lemon water, some espresso, and answer emails. A few hours later I’ll make a filling smoothie.

IRMA: Do you listen to music while enjoying breakfast?
ADELINE WAUGH: I actually don’t. I like to enjoy a bit of silence first thing in the morning.

IRMA: What would be your suggestion for a quick breakfast on the run?
ADELINE WAUGH: Some protein-packed energy balls, or a filling and nutritious smoothie with healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates.

IRMA: Your photos show a certain colour atmosphere that makes me feel good. What is, in your opinion, the best colour of food for breakfast?
ADELINE WAUGH: For breakfast? My favorite color aesthetic always involves a pop of pink. So, maybe an omelette with some pickled onions for that pop of pink.

IRMA: How do you make a table setting look pretty for breakfast?
ADELINE WAUGH: Attention to detail always makes a table setting look beautiful. Fresh flowers, a variety of colorful plates, bowls, and serving utensils can make all the difference.

IRMA: Regarding scents, is there a smell (other than coffee) that quickly makes you bright & awake?
ADELINE WAUGH: Probably the smell of lemon or neroli.

IRMA: How do you color your food?
ADELINE WAUGH: I use natural pigments like beet juice, spirulina, chlorophyl, and turmeric.

IRMA: Where do you get ideas and inspiration?
ADELINE WAUGH: From nature, from art, from all the colors of the rainbow.

Adeline Waugh