Google your Style


NEW YORK: New York is one of those cities where your eye will always catch a well-dressed woman on the street or at least a stylish  girl who looks like she has just picked up the right clothes to wear in only five seconds and still looks very cool.

This New York Fashion Week (5-12 September 2013) I thought about what and how I would wear my clothes if I lived in the city and how my style would change according to the area.

Find your way on my spring/summer 2014 fashion map:

NEW JERSEY: Easy family style, chic and easy-to-wear pieces with lots of colours even during grey days.

UPPER WEST SIDE: Chic with a hint of bohemian, classy but with an edge.

UPPER EAST SIDE: Go for the European brands or the classy American designers. I still think Calvin Klein and for now Victoria Beckham. Clean and slick. Just wear a beautiful dress and now bag!

THE BRONX: Cool, tall girls with beautiful postures and golden skin wear anything that fits and still look like fairies. Mix super cool with a classic preppy style and you get TheRow.

BROOKLYN: Even if you do not have children or are just about to write another bestseller you still look like you are busy with your beautiful siblings all day long and besides manage your own food shop, book store or tea lounge. Wear comfortable, cool clothes that look easy and mix them with exotic jewellery that you bring back home from your far-away journeys.

HARLEM: Marc Jacobs collection inspires me to go out and about in Harlem. Try to wear a wig on your head.

Look out for new kids on the block. Parsons New School of Design (I got my Master of Fine Arts there) now shows their own collection. Finally some art students who make wearable clothes that look like they come from NYC.