Glas art

When we were planning the Pop-up for the Irmasworld collection, we came across the fantastic glass objects created by Marie-Victoire Winckler and integrated them into the space.
Marie-Victoire Winckler founded her studio in 2016 after working alongside Patricia Urquiola and India Madhavi, two great figures of contemporary design. From then on, she creates objects and furniture by associating a contemporary design with the singularity of the craft techniques. All of her projects are part of an eco-responsible process that respects people and their environment.
We had a chat with her about her work and inspiration.

Marie-Victoire Winckler

IRMA: Your objects are very diverse, not only by form and colour but also how they integrate into a space. Is that something you plan in advance or are you also sometimes surprised how light and space can influence your designs?
MARIE – VICTOIRE WINCKLER: I definitely think that the objects you show during your Pop-Up Presentation of the Irmasworld Collection in Munich interact with your collection and the space. In my Totem project, the concept is to have 5 different shapes with 7 different colours and about 4 rings in order to customize your objects and interact with your collection. So, in a way there is something you can control, but on the other hand the pattern itself of the blown glass is absolutely unique so you never know how it will come out as it is linked to the breath of the glass master. The hazard is a big part of my work, a bit as when you look at clouds, you never know what shape they are going to take and it is precisely what is fascinating about them.

IRMA: Same with my work 
You lived and worked in many different places, does change inspire you? If so, how?
MARIE – VICTOIRE WINCKLER: Well traveling has always been the base of my inspiration. I lived 10 years in Italy and it definitely has been a great playground as an adolescent to discover the richness of art in Rome and Florence, and later on design in Milan. In general, my way of traveling is to spend most of my time exploring workshops all over the world and try to think of shapes that could highlight a technique I discovered.

IRMA: Tell us a little bit about your work with India Madhavi and Patricia Urquiola?
MARIE – VICTOIRE WINCKLER: It has been a great experience and very exciting to work with two leading figures of today’s contemporary design. Two very strong women and having the opportunity to experiment extremely creative and challenging projects with the best craft people all over the world, has certainly been very founding of my approach on the objects.

Foto © Antonin Amy-Menichetti, Vases TOTEM ambiance

IRMA: Did the pandemic influence the way you work?
MARIE – VICTOIRE WINCKLER: Well, after a few months of adaptation the pandemic has been in a way “beneficial” to my business. People have been a lot on demand which was great.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work in the workshop in Portugal as I am used to, so I had to use digital tools such as the video calls to direct the production. Sometimes mistakes have been made, giving birth to projects I had to invent which was great.

Foto © Clémence Danon Boileau, TOTEM

IRMA: Where do you look for inspiration today?
MARIE – VICTOIRE WINCKLER: Well today, as traveling is complicated, I am probably seeking my inspiration in nature. I feel really lucky to live in Paris, because the city has been creating beautiful landscapes in gardens such as the Jardin des Tuileries, the Jardin des Plantes or the Jardin du Luxembourg. I spend a lot of my free time taking energy from the colours and the light, especially early in the morning when I go for my run. There is always this very special light. That way I almost feel like traveling just looking at the flowers and the light.


Foto © Clémence Danon Boileau, TOTEM2