Get real. Things that show off our surreal fantasy

We just visited the exhibition of Gala Salvador Dali, at the Museu Nacional D’Art De Catalunya  (until October 14th, 2018) and realized that there is a passion going back to a surreal world around us.
Gala is known as Dali`s muse and the couple began an artistic cooperation and became famous for their surreal art projects and way of life.

By looking at the collections of this season, inflamed vinyl Prada sandals, naturalistic animal illustrations on bags and T- Shirts and surreal pattern prints, we have to look twice to really get it and think, is this real?

Why are we attracted by surrealism lately, is that because we are bored with everyone showing us similar images in the world of Social Media? Are we ready for something new, unusual and surreal?

Not only in the art world there are many forms which express the surreal image

Hotel Montana, Paris. Designed by Vincent Darré

For example, the Parisian interior designer Vincent Darré who redesigned the famous private club MONTANA in St. Germain, which was a popular Parisian jazz club in the 1950s. In 2015 Vincent Dareé redesigned the entire property in his signature surrealist interior style. He redesigned each floor in a different theme inspired by some of his favorite Parisian artists and. The first-floor suite, “Gris Paris,” pays homage to the French artist Christian Berard — it features Surrealist-style furniture he designed himself and fabrics with drawings by French illustrator Pierre Le-Tan. The third-floor “Bleu Acide” suite is a nod to Braque and Picasso: with hand-painted Picassoesque panels lining the walls and rich blue furnishings.

Jewelry designers take the surreal image as a source of inspiration.Brazilian jewelry designer Maria Dolores, or Irish jewelry artist Grainne Morton, who collects everything miniature that catches her eye .

Collier by Grainne Morton

And you can get your hair done in a surrealist inspired interior of Australian hair stylist David Mallett, in Paris. His Salon looks and feels like an apartment with stuffed animals positioned as art installations between tables and mirrors.

David Mallett, Hairdresser in Paris

IRMA selected her favorite surreal fashion bits for you to order

Prada shoes, Winter 2018/19
Dries van Noten