How do you get an Idea?

LONDON: This is the question asked most often when people are questioning me about my job as an illustrator and journalist. The answer is easy. Just look around and you will see the idea coming. Sounds easy and actually is easy if you just let it happen. You might have to look a bit longer at the beginning and a few things may help.



From top right to bottom left:

Go where the locals go when you visit a foreign country. Visit unusual spots where you get a different perspective and you learn about daily living and new aesthetics. JK visits a beauty drugstore outside of Tokyo for IRMASWORLD in Japan.

Take a break to reflect things. Take notes and collect words, film and images which make you think and look twice.

Find a work atmosphere where you actually love to spend time and which has a lot of light and fresh air to keep you going. IRMASWORLD office in Munich.

Try to get a result from your work, something which you create and which has your signature. For example I was happy to license IRMA iPhone cases for, successfully selling worldwide and accessories for

Take your sketching material wherever you go and start to do clippings. Even if you do not use them in the end, they will make a visual diary like for example this Miu Miu ad from 2010.

Find your own system and prepare your tools. Have fun and enjoy what you are doing.