DOTS make you happy

A long time ago, Monsieur Christian Dior said about the polka: „The cartoonish print is unabashedly feminine!“ Right he was and still is, as you currently will find them everywhere and next season they will be present in almost all collections.

Left side: LOEWE, right side: Dot Painting by Nathan Manire

Marilyn Monroe wore dots on her 50s bikini and Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama makes the dot the centerpoint of her entire artistic oeuvre. Roy Lichtenstein enlarged the comic strip motif and suddenly found lots of pastel-coloured dots in his artwork and we remember Christian Lacroix giving all women in the 8os a joyful mix of elegance, playfulness and graphic elegance.

Left side: GEOS by Lourdes Sanchez, right side: Dries van Noten Winter 2017
Left Side: Balenciaga winter 2017, IRMA wearing Stella McCartney

We are already in love with the polka dot today and donut want to wait until the autumn collection.  IRMA selected her favourite dots to shop right now.

Stella McCartney
Oscar de la Renta
Dolce e Gabbana
Adidas Stan Smith


Dolce e Gabbana


Alexander Wang