Full Blossom


MUNICH: I meet Miranda Kerr in Munich, where she is at the moment for the launch of the new fragrance, JOYFUL by ESCADA. When she arrives, the room fills with a brilliant sparkle. Yes, she is perfect for JOYFUL, as she seems to live a true and happy life.

We talk about her healthy lifestyle, and she tells me that especially when traveling she eats 80% super healthy and 20% whatever crosses her mind. She is an ambassador for fitness, green juices and smoothies and stands for a happy and positive mind. Her favourite smells are sandalwood, black currant and peony, and she takes care to moisturize her body from both inside and outside all day long. Is that her beauty secret? Yes, it is and when she travels, which she does most of the time, it is the best weapon against tiredness.

But now she wants to enjoy Munich, especially tomorrow morning when she is planning a tour with her son to visit the Bavarian castles. She can’t wait to see her son with a big smile. Enjoy, Miranda!

Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD meets Miranda Kerr in Munich
Jasmin Khezri from IRMASWORLD meets Miranda Kerr in Munich