Favourite Beauty Products come with roses this fall

Summer days are over, but the rich harvest blooming roses now comes as an advantage, especially when you think of all the benefits that roses will have for your mind and your skin. Rose extract not only relieves redness, is antioxidant, treats infections, cuts and burns, it also relieves sore throats and improves mood with every use.

For fall, IRMA has selected her favourite rose infused fragrance products:



Rose Water by Santa Maria Novella


This aromatic scented water with roses, iris and broom should be used throughout the day as a refreshing tonic on your body & face and as a light perfume.

Splash yourself with some spritz after your morning shower, use it as a tonic refresher on cotton balls to tap on your forehead and behind the ears to feel a release after long working days or just to lift your spirits before leaving the house.

“Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema.

The 400-year-old manufacture in Florence is known for the best remedies and quality of ingredients, continuously working on research to improve their traditional products.

Finally, you can shop the great collection of products also in Munich at the Bayerischer Hof, Promenade Platz 2-3 Boutique.


ReVersive by BABOR

ReVersive by BABOR

The serum is the latest product in the series, ReVersive by Babor. It is packed with ingredients that perfectly prep your skin for winter with a powdery rose fragrance and all the powerful benefits of the rose extract.
Babor wrapped up the most important ingredients and what they will do for your skin.

The serum, which works perfectly as a booster through its innovative non-apeptide is ideal for skin that is suffering from the effects of stress, jet lag or late nights as it stimulates and accelerates the skin’s microcirculation, leaving the complexion looking as fresh.

All ReVersive products, serum, eye cream, ReVive Pro Youth Cream rich and regular contain the highly effective PRO YOUTH complex with two ingredient upgrades: Rosa alba (white rose) stem cells and an anti-wrinkle peptide complex., for a plumped-up skin. Rosa alba extract lowers melanin production in the skin, reduces irritation and improves cellular respiration in order to stimulate the metabolism.

The eye cream also contains orchistem, an extract of a Japanese orchid, that boosts the production of cell growth factors by as much as 50%. It activates the fibroblasts and gives the upper eyelid a lifted appearance. Use it as an eye mask over night as well as the ReVersive pro youth overnight mask.


ROSES scented candle by DIPTIQUE

Roses scented candle by DIPTIQUE

A rose candle will always remind you of first summer days in May when some blossoms are already blooming and others are about to open. Pair it with another candle to discover the olfactory alchemy, which reinvents each scent as a third one. Try a Jasmin candle for example.


Rose Goldea Blossom Delight by BULGARI

Rose Goldea Blossom Delight by BULGARI

“For me, the rose is a powerful elixir of joy and femininity,” this is how perfumer Alberto Morillas describes his favourite flower. For the new Bulgari fragrance Rose Goldea Blossom Delight he used the essence of the Bulgarian rose and worked the different facets of the rose. In the top note the freshness of the leaves is combined with papaya and jasmine, in the heart note the delicate rose buds are scented together with lily of the valley and in the base note the petals exude their exuberant scent underlined by musk and amber. Through the three components, it olfactorily tells the story of a girl who becomes a woman.