Spring cleaning in the house

Cleaning the house can be therapeutical for some, or just a necessity for others. However new products with natural essences, all kinds of brushes and brooms and natural cleansing aids like lemon and soap bars make house cleaning almost fun.


Follow IRMAS tips to get ready for spring or whenever your bathroom or kitchen needs a good scrub. Here we go:

Clean the air and atmosphere by opening your bedroom window when waking up. Cleansing the house with fresh air is a perfect start into the day and in-between. Rooms with fresh air are also better during winter as the air does not gets too dry, because of radiators.

Put vinegar into a spray bottle and clean surfaces if you do not want to spend too much time with cleaning. I always have a nice bottle in reach of my bathroom sink which I use after brushing my teeth. It cleans the sink, leaves a fresh smell and is also hygienic and disinfectant.

Use lemon half or slices to get rid of excess fat and grease when washing your dishes. Wipe dry with a linen cloth. Like this you will not have any excess of cleansing products mixed with your food for your next cooking. Good smell while cleaning has a positive aspect and creates a balanced feeling for your mind.

Sidolin Streifenfrei for glass and window cleaning is also ideal on cloths, especially when you have greasy stains like make Up or butter. Spray onto your cloths and wipe with a rag, take off the spray with clear water and blow dry with a hair dryer to avoid spots.

Always have a piece of cloth or rag next to your sink to wipe through after washing your hand. Use nice fabrics that fit the style of your bathroom, so it looks nice.

A bar of plain soap is perfect to clean delicate lingerie or socks by hand. Cut of a little piece of soap and take it with you when travelling to do the same, especially when you do not have access to a washing machine.

Did you know that drying and burning bunches of herbs is perfect to get rid of any bad smell. Burn for example a bunch of dried sage and take it through the room with an iron or silver jar under it. It is also perfect to do after parties to get rid of cigarette smore.

Have a selection of different, small, medium, and bigger brushes next to your sink for cleaning corners, smaller jars and so on. Like this you will get every corner clean.

Use gloves when cleaning and put a special nail and hand creme before on to your nails and hand. Hand care therapy and a perfect beauty time saver while being productive

Use as many scented candles as possible in the house when you start cooking. It will neutralize the smell of cooking and food. Diptique even has a special candle, La Droguerie that neutralizing bad smell with basil is based on a technology that targets and eliminates the molecules responsible for unpleasant smells. It replaces them with green aromas of basil, mint, and tomato leaf.

New eco-friendly household products by Diptyque.a series named La Droguerie has many cleansing products, like a multi surface cleaner with vinegar, a dishwashing liquid and a leather and wood care lotion, all of course with natural ingredients and a natural scent. Natural soaps for cleaning are a perfect way to stay sustainable and natural in the house. Use natural brushes in different forms and cut lemons are perfect cleansing aids with a fresh smile. Make your own wiping cloths with left over fabrics in your favorite patterns, for dusting, drying, and wiping.