Farrow & Ball colour consultancy for your home

With paint names that make you imagine poetry, a palette drawn from some of UK´s most historic buildings and paint collections with outstanding partners of the industry it was no question that we asked Farrow & Ball for advice when we wanted to change some bits and corners of our Munich apartment.

Don’t we all feel like changing things, improving room situations, and getting a new polish? Especially after the pandemic when most of us spend more than enough time at home.

Farrow & Ball offers a special service that is worth looking into. The Colour Consultancy service offers specialists for advice who visit your home, personally or via video-call to discusses the options of changes for your walls, ceilings, and floor. Not only do they advise you on colours and wallpaper but they also have the experience on how certain colours look in different light and scale situations. They know which primers to use for a perfect result and they have many tips for you to personally find your perfect colour.

I just wanted to have little things changed in most of the common rooms that do not require major paint jobs, but still have a big effect and most important give us a change.
For the digital meeting with Colour Consultant, Marcel Ullrich we met several times, and you can follow our conversation on Instagram @irmasworld.
It was great fun to pick not only the paint, but also to see which part of a room should be painted to give a new and fresh impression.
For further information please contact Farrow & Ball at farb.beratung@farrow-ball.com .

Find our project with Farrow & Ball, summarized here:



the cloakroom, before & after

WHAT WE NO LONGER LIKED: The pale rosé colour, Calamine did not express the cosines and warmth I wanted to feel when entering our home and it did not contrast strong enough with the built-in wardrobe.
THE PAINT: 268 Charlotte’s Locks
THE SOLUTION: The warm red tone gives a feeling of warmth and the white wardrobe as well as our artwork on the wall stand out much stronger. The tiny room suddenly gets a bigger impact.



The guest toilet, before & after

WHAT WE NO LONGER LIKED: The pale pink, Calamine made this tiny room appear too cold and we wanted to add something to create almost a jewel box as we had been inspired by the golden leaf lamp that gave a beautiful light.
THE WALLPAPER: Jasmine BP 3905
THE SOLUTION: The leaves at the lamp let us pick the classic leaf wallpaper with a darker background (Green Smoke No.47). The moment you enter this room you feel like being in a garden and the light perfectly reflects the leaves of the wallpaper.



The library, before

WHAT WE NO LONGER LIKED: The Library or dining room had always the problem of the low ceiling, which did not fit to the rest of the apartment. The blue door and frame is the centre point of this room and needed a colour change. I wanted to change from Inchyra blue to a more glowing tone.
Ceiling: 78 Sutcliffe Green
Door: 247 Terre d’Egypte
THE SOLUTION: The green and now darker ceiling give the room a lush richness. The tone even seems to make this room now the centre of the apartment, which was missing before.
Also, the window with the view into the lush garden seems bigger and the green trees outside bring nature inside with the green ceiling. The room appears now complete.
The warm coral tone at the door adds to this earthy, lush garden (inside) trompe d’oil that creates almost an inside terrace.

The library, after



The kitchen cabinets

WHAT WE NO LONGER LIKED: The kitchen cabinets in duck green always appeared to dark for this room, as we do not have a big window front and most times we have spot lights that brighten the darker corners of our kitchen.
THE PAINT: 268 Charlotte’s Locks
THE SOLUTION: The bright orange at the cabinet’s compliments perfectly the pinkish ceiling in Crimson Red floor and walls. The room appears now complete, still having that eclectic touch we did not want to lose. The orange almost glows from the cupboards, letting the entire room appear lighter and friendlier.


Work in progress