Dressing between Seasons


LONDON: There is something about changing your wardrobe at the end of the season. First of all, you edit all the things you still like from the ones you leave in storage and you start thinking about which new piece could lift your favourites from last season and give them new glory. For me that’s mostly done with accessories and a new pair of shoes can make an old pair of pants look just right.

Or maybe you just think of investing in one new piece of clothing that will define your entire style for the upcoming season.

When putting it all together think of what feels good to wear. Still warmer days let me wear my favourite shoes without socks and a pair of TOD’S loafers are perfect when it is getting chilly but my feet are covered by fine suede leather.

I still like to wear sleeveless tops to keep my golden tan whenever I sit outside in the autumn sun and I have to admit that at each beginning of a season I think of one bag which will be my favourite, goes with everything and gets my imagination going in the morning when I get dressed.

IRMA selected her favourite pieces for you.

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