Change my skin


PARIS: All summer long I swam in the azure blue sea and there is nothing better than letting the sun dry my face and then lie under an umbrella for the rest of the afternoon. After just one week of sunbathing my skin has lost its smoothness, tightness and complexion although at first sight a golden tan hides all the damage.

So getting back to work is also a rescue for my skin which I treat this time with the new BLUE THERAPY ACCELERATED by Biotherm. Like lots of other anti-aging products, it promises to take time away from my skin and add new life to it. I will try and see what happens.

First of all, I like the smell of these three products which is not perfumed but rather medical to neutral. The texture of the BLUE THERAPY ACCELERATED Serum feels gel-like and apparently I only need one drop per cheek which I tap lightly onto my entire face, and then three major ingredients will take care of the action: Three types of algae extracts from the Alaria Esculenta regenerate the extracellular structure and stimulate the synthesis to firm skin, while pure thermal plankton from the French Pyrenees strengthens and protects the skin from sun-burned cells. I love the fact that these three powerful main components all come from different waters: the glacial waters of Greenland, the Celtic sea, Klamath Lake in the US and a thermal spring in the French Pyrenees – forming the solution to make my skin ready for a golden autumn.


I put the BLUE THERAPY ACCELERATED serum into the fridge so it feels nice and refreshing when I apply it. It also strengthens the skin and makes my pores appear much smaller.

Make yourself an even more effective face mask for the night by applying first the Blue Therapy Serum In-Oil Night and on top in a thick layer apply the BLUE THERAPY NIGHT CREAM. If you can’t sleep on your back all night long (which is actually in general better to avoid wrinkles in the morning) just rest for 30 minutes with a warm mousseline cloth on top of the mask.

Use a few drops of SERUM – IN OIL NIGHT on your upper and lower lip throughout the day as a lip care.