Dr. Timm Golüke about the new ULTRAFORMER

I wonder why most new skin treatments are invented in Korea and had a chat with Dr. Timm Golüke about the new ULTRAFORMER 3, which can give you a non-surgical face, neck and body treatment that uses ultrasound to lift and tone loose skin without any downtime. IRMA was curious and wanted to know how that exactly would work for her, without losing her natural appearance.

IRMA: What is unique about an ultralift treatment?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: It is the newest generation of skin tightening devices using the power of micro-focused ultrasound, developed in Korea, proved by my friend Jean-Louis Sebagh in London who is also successfully treating his patients with this device.

IRMA: What is the difference between an up-lift and a face lift?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: Up-lift is a non-surgical procedure using physical energy (e.g., ultrasound, infrared light or radio frequency) to tighten the sacking jaw-line. Face lift is a surgical procedure where you „cut“ the skin to lift the sacking skin.

IRMA: What happens to your skin during the regeneration period?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: The micro-focused ultrasound is activating the fibroblasts in our skin to produce new collagen and elastin which leads to tighter skin. This process takes 4 to 6 months, therefore patients do not see the final result before that period of time.

IRMA: The ULTRAFORMER 3 is said to renew the skin from inside. How exactly does that work?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: Due to the inflammation caused by the ULTRAFORMER 3 procedure, a healing process in our skin is activated. Healing means new production of collagen and elastin and therefore a tighter jaw-line is the result.

IRMA: How important is collagen for your skin and how can you boost collagen from inside to make the treatment more efficient?
Dr.TIMM GOLÜKE: Collagen is very important for our skin quality and also to prevent skin aging. To boost collagen production one can take antioxidant supplements to reduce the power of free radicals, which are leading to decrease of collagen production. Also topical creams containing powerful plant-based antioxidants like fern extracts can improve our skin quality.

IRMA: I have heard that it works perfectly on the body especially after pregnancy. Aren’t there any dangers?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: ULTRAFORMER 3 also works perfectly to tighten parts of the body. There are no side-effects or risks, only during pregnancy this procedure is not allowed, furthermore in rare cases haematomas can occur, those should not be exposed to the sun to avoid hyper-pigmentation.

Dr. Timm Golüke with Dr. Joon Yong Choi, head physician at the Euro Clinic in Seoul

IRMA: Why do you think is the Korean aesthetics market is always the first to come up with new inventions? You have been traveling to Korea, how would you describe their idea of beauty in a few words and what can we learn from them?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: I spent one week in Seoul recently to scout and research Korean beauty treatments, which is how I found out about Ultraformer 3.

Korea with its k-culture is highly influential for China, the world’s biggest beauty market. Everything which is shown by k-pop stars becomes immediately a big success in China, also in beauty. There are very well-established Korean beauty brands but also a lot of more „gimmicky“ products like snake masks etc. addressing more millennial customers than providing science-based anti-aging results.

IRMA: Which lifestyle, food and cosmetic ideas do you suggest after using the ULTRAFORMER 3?
Dr. TIMM GOLÜKE: A healthy lifestyle is of course very important for beautiful skin, so avoiding the sun, cleaning the skin deeply at least at night to protect it from the effects of urban pollution should be essential. A balanced diet based on powerful antioxidant-packed food together with a skin care regimen that is tailored to your skin type and lifestyle is important as well.

Discovering the Korean beauty market