Healing waters at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

There are many ways to spend your vacation and depending on how you want to feel afterwards, the choice will depend on various factors. The social factor, of course, of spending time with family and friends. A mental factor, getting to know new things and cultures and, among many others, the physical factor. How do we like to feel after a break from everyday life, from work and the usual routines? It helps to change the location, to change habits and surrounding matters.

We found these aspects in the NEWYOU method, a four-day program offered by the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland.

The most important thing for us is the location.
Bad Ragaz is located in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley at the foot of the Pizol. The place has a long tradition as a spa and thermal bath with a source of warm (36.5 °C) healing water from inside the mountain in the deep, mysterious Tamina gorge in nearby Pfäfers.

Grand Hotel Quellenhof with an artwork by Martin Creed “Work No. 3485 Everything is going to be alright”

This healing water enables you to recharge in the shortest possible time and to learn to relax consciously
For two or four nights, you’ll experience yoga and deeply revitalizing treatments that help rejuvenate your mind and body. Various massages and access to the Bad Ragaz thermal baths are available to you as part of your program.
Your diet can be changed and personalized if necessary. You can also enjoy the healthy, local and very delicious cuisine of Sven Wassmers at the “verve by sven” (1 Michelin-Star | 14 Gault-Millau-Points!). Or in any of the 8 restaurants for that matter.

Pancake at verve by sven

It’s about connecting with nature. Not only while hiking in the beautiful mountains (the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona), but also with food and wines that are locally produced and prepared in such a way that they take and give back the natural sources, the community and thus a good awareness of the guest.
All pools are filled with spring water, which has a temperature of 36,5 degrees Celsius and lets us relax as soon as we touch it.

The water that we drink at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz comes from the source and the local beer is also brewed with the thermal water. The spa tower has even showers which are catered with thermal water from the Tamina source.

Tamina Therme Bad Ragaz

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz combines the highest quality and standards in all its hotels. From the Palais and Hof Ragaz to the Quellenhof and the Spa Suites in the tower.

Fürstensuite at the Palais in Bad Ragaz

The retreat is also about finding a balance. Whether you take long walks along the flowing Rhine, climb the hills between the vineyards or swim in the hotel’s outdoor pool, this is about connecting. Learn to look at yourself from the outside.
It may sound difficult, but the various massages from singing bowl massage to HIKI make it very quick to happen.

If you visit The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz until the end of October 2021 you can also enjoy the art Triennale Bad RagARTz. With over 400 art works it is one of the larges open space art venues in the world.

Bad RagARTz. Marta & l’Elefante» by Stefano Bombardieri
Bad RagARTz art triennale. Work by Werner Bitzigeio


“leftLovers” pop-up Restaurant sponsored by RUINART